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Hello folks, I have problems with the AVADA product. It'?s not mobile, it'?s not responding. Use this option only if you want to display your desktop menu on your phone.

Portable vision system - Avada

The mobile vision system is really unbelievable. It' s built on 3 screensizes, small / middle / large and each one has a unique overall topic options that allows you to specify the precise point where it should be displayed. Each Fusion Builder item then has a buttonset that lets you select whether to show the item at any given monitor area.

Each Fusion Builder container, column and element allows you to select whether it will be displayed on all screens or only small/medium/large. Allows you to create uniquely designed layout per display for better layout versatility. Every display resize setting (small / mid / large) provides a user-defined break point in the Topic Settings that allows you to specify when your display changes to the right resize, giving you 100% visibility.

Avada'a Mobile Visibility System and customizable stops per display unit give you the creativity you need to open up a whole new dimension of possibilities.

Setting the mobile menu

As the Avada topic is fast reacting and mobile easy, this also contains a mobile fast reacting menue. A mobile menue makes it easy for your user to browse your website on smaller sized screens, especially if you have many pages/menu elements. There is a special section in Avada's Topic Options that helps you easily adjust your Mobile Menus.

Read below to learn more about customising and configuring Mobile Mouse. Browse to Avada > Topic Option > Topic Option > Mobile Option > Mobile Option > Mobile Menu and you will see the available Mobile Option available. Portable Menus Style - Illustrates like A. Controls the mobile menus style.

Please chose between Classic, Modern or Flyout. The flyout theme only allows menus on a higher layer. Hint: If you chose flyout theme, only a few choices are available. See the Flyout section for more flyout choices. Movable Item Pads - Illustrates how B. Controls the right hand side Pads for mobile item text (left to RTL) when the regular top down is used on mobile phones.

Top Mobile Menus Symbols - Illustrates how C. Controls the top of the symbols in the modern and Flyout menus theme. D. Controls the altitude of each drop-down items in the drop-down list. Drop-down slide-outs for the mobile menus - Illustrates how to E. Turn on so drop-down portions can slip out as you tap.

Displays Mobile Menü Scan Icon/Field - Illustrates as F. Turn it on to show the scan icon/field in the mobile menus. Wallpaper colour of the mobile headers - Illustrates as G. Controls the wallpaper colour of the headers on mobile phones. Wallpaper colour of the mobile menus - Shown as H. Controls the wallpaper colour of the drop-down list of the mobile menus and the classical mobile menubox.

Wallpaper colour of the mobile menus - Illustrates how I. Controls the wallpaper colour of the mobilemenus. Portable Menü Boorderolor - Illustrated as J. Controls the frame and separator colours of the drop-down list for the mobile menus and the classical mobile menubox. Switch Mobile Menus Colour - Shown as K. Controls the colour of the mobile menus switch symbol.

Fontfamily - Displayed as L. Controls the fontfamily to be used. M. Controls the use of the back-up fontfamily if the source fonts are not loaded properly. Fonts Weights & Styles - Illustrates as N. Controls the fonts and weights to use.

Fonts Subsets - Illustrates as O. Controls the fonts to use. Text Format - Displayed as P. Controls the text formatting. Line-Height - Shown as Q. Controls the distance between the outlines. Character Distance - represented as R. Controls the distance between the characters. Text Colour - Displayed as S. Controls the colour of the text.

Portable Menü OVER TOLOR - Illustrates how T. Controls the OVER TOLOR of the portable menue point. Also used to emphasize the actual mobile menue point. The Mobile Menus Text Align - Illustrates how U. Controls the text orientation of the mobile menus. 3 - Choose a drop-down list for the Mobile Navigation area.

When you do not have a menue, please make a new one. Learn more about how to set up a new menus.

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