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Best 15 Top E-Mail Newsletter Plugins for WordPress (2018)

Establishing an e-mail mailing list is one of the most important things you can do for your on-line store.... This is because it gives you instant exposure to an audiences that are really interested in what you are doing; an audiences that has already shown their readiness to keep listening to what you have to say by subscribing to your newsletter.

Is there a way to create this precious listing? Now, it all begins with gathering (with permission!) the e-mail accounts of those who are visiting your site. But when newsletter pop-ups came in (the kind you sometimes see in the center of the screen) - the gameplay turned around. The pop-ups are proactive methods of gathering e-mail where users must stop what they are doing and either (a) sign up or (b) shut down the pop-up.

Do not ask for an e-mail in advance. Instead you must first show the value, i.e. give the users something (e.g. great content!), and then ask them something in exchange - in this case their e-mail adress. Value' can be a great item, free reviews with great visuals, e-books, tutorials, Photoshop graphics, symbols, images, sound clips, visuals - the lists are limitless.

As soon as a user has profited from your contents - he will of course be more likely to pass on his e-mail to your company. Below we have compiled a shortlist of the 15 best WordPress plug-ins to do just that: This is a listing of the best newsletter plug-ins for WordPress.

There is no newsletter plugin listing that is exhaustive without OptinMonster being mentioned. The plugin, established in 2013, has developed into one of the best-selling newsletter plug-ins of all times and is now used by well over 300,000 web sites. The OptinMonster has a wide range of customisation functions such as Exit InTent technology, various forms type, A/B splitting tests and more.

MonsterEffects makes it easy to design highly-converted shapes - from full-fledged shape designers to stunning MonsterEffects Animation. It' s indeed a plugin that we have already done quite a bit to check it out in a recent article: The Elegant Threads is one of the most beloved WordPress topic developer and wins more than 350.000 paid clients out of only 87 WordPress topics!

It is a beautiful newsletter plugin with more than 115 presets. There are six different pop-up forms supported: Have a look at our detailed report about this astonishing plugin to get more information. Plan starts at $89 a year, which means accessing all 87 topics and five more truly great plug-ins.

What is the better e-mail Optinorm plugin? The Newsletter is one of the best free newsletter plug-ins for WordPress - currently with well over 200,000 downloaded files. With this plugin you can have indefinitely many subscription and dispatch indefinitely E-Mails. These are the most thrilling functions of the plugin: Powerful drag-and-drop e-mail composition tool - lets you create nice portable newsletter.

E-mail tracing with enhanced stats - so you know who is opening your e-mails. Simple to segment to fine-tune your campaign so you can reach certain audiences on your schedule. Instead of relying on third-party service providers such as MailChimp or AWeber, this plugin uses your web hosting to deliver e-mail.

While this may sound good at first, this could really be a problem if you have many affiliates because your webmaster may not be able to assist e-mail service to such a system. In order to address this issue, our engineers have a premier plugin that blends the plugin into Amazon SES - a cloud-based e-mail distribution solution provided as part of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Together with a number of other useful enhancements, such as e-mail automization and full report generation, such add-ons are available in the plugin Premier Edition, which begins at $45 per year. By far SumoMe is not only a free plugin for lists. Rather, it is a full-fledged market research tool used by more than 430,000 sites around the globe, among them Airbnb and Social Media Examiner.

It is also one of the most beloved free WordPress Shop plug-in - with well over 100,000 live installs! As far as the newsletter-specific functions of the plugin are concerned, there are the beloved opt-ins such as the Welcome Matrix Scroll-In pop-up, combined with the Exit-IntentTechnologie. Free of charge versions also include a Shape Customizing tool that reflects the corporate image of your trademark.

Among the premier capabilities are customisable template and A/B tests that allow you to gauge the efficiency of your login box, and so on. Enhanced viewing policies allow you to view the pop-up on a phone, your desk or a home page. Ultimate all-in-one set of online marketing tools for website owner? Because MailChimp is my (and many others) go-to-newsletter subscription- free or payed- I'm looking deeply into any plugin that enhances the functionality of MailChimp in WordPress.

Recall how we used to discuss live and offline newsletter plug-ins? Now, ChimpMate Pro comes under the current catagory, with a number of triggers. You can use the idle triggers to display the pop-up when the page is idle. Using the timedelay triggers, the pop-up is shown after a certain period of idle running, regardless of the user's activities.

Next is the exits int trigger, which directly pops up when the end users want to quit the tabs. Triggers the page to scroll, displaying the pop-up after the page has been scrolled. This plugin also includes support for blocking contents (i.e. contents are only shown after subscription to the newsletter), offering one-click media artwork, A/B tests, a portable FirstLad capture box, one-click back-up and recovery (a great choice if you run several websites ) and high-performance analysis.

Icegram' creators describe their products with the slogan "Grow your subscriber list, engage und convert visitors, decrease, build rate". But to be frank, I wouldn't classify it as a totally free plugin because the free release doesn't provide triggering like delays or popular leads like headers actions, message toasts (like the ones you get on an Android phone) and insertion notices.

However, there are a lot of possibilities that are available as add-ons from $19 - see this page for a full listing. Chimpy Plugin is another great 'pro MailChimp' plugin for WordPress. There are some great functions, among them a configurable contents lock, login screens and opt-in boxes - a function that places a control box in the WordPress comments and login screen.

The WordPress User Synchronization function is another interesting function that syncs the e-mail information in your WordPress databases with the information in your MailChimp inbox. First and last name will be synchronized with your MailChimp mailing lists, from which you can create your own newsletter.

is a newsletter plugin that concentrates on ease of use. There are also over 20 pre-configured, customisable newsletter opt-ins, pop-up screens and pop-ups. When it comes to Trigger, Trippity has all the same standards as other plugs, plus a function that allows you to view pop-ups on certain pages and in certain category, or when someone is clicking on something on your site.

Featuring sophisticated analysis, A/B tests and integrations with all standard e-mail marketers, Pippity is a great plugin that starts at $49 per year for a standalone licence. The Ninja Popups is the most beloved newsletter plugin in the Envato WordPress Plugin Shop (CodeCanyon) with more than 22,000 copies sold. In terms of functionality, the plugin has everything you would have expected, including: almost very good e-mail e-mail merchandising application integrations.

This plugin is also a one-time buy, i.e. all further upgrades are free of charge. Plugmatter's Opt-in Box Plugin offers one of the most interesting functions to address certain groups of people. It is also possible to allocate another pop-up for the return of your website traffic. Free plugin allows you to disable the pop-up for already subscription holders, which is quite a useful free plugin for you.

You can also use the plugin's advanced edition to visualize its appearance to preserve your trademark image. ThreeThemes is one of the most renowned WordPress developer on the web - and they are pretty good at their work. The clear and concise layout, paired with meaningful information, makes me want to buy the plugin immediately!

Trive Lead has a variety of stunning functions integrated into the plugin: There are ten (yes, you are reading that correctly) different kinds of opt-in forums, among them Contents Lockers, Sticking Ribbons, Fullscreen Fillers, Rollmatts and Fullscreen Formes. The trigger option includes timing, output intents, Scrolls and Klicks. More than 20 fantastic motion graphics to spice up your opt-in boxes.

Besides that, you have functions like: Test A/B; focus on particular users such as new visitors, recurring visitors and customers; and flat, usable reports. From $67 for a standalone licence, Thrive Leads is an outstanding plugin for those who are willing to take their e-mail advertising to the next level.

Pop-up Domination is one of the most beautiful newsletter plug-ins on the market. Actually, it's an oversimplification to call it a newsletter plugin because it can do so much more! Pop-up Domination has a number of distinct functions, such as geographic Targeting, Timer Count, Reledirect Topics (which is basically a pop-up that redirects you to another website) and Pop-ups built on the Referring/Source URL. Pop-up Domination has a number of different functions.

Naturally, it also has all the essential functions you would want, such as splitting tests, reactive, adaptable themes, page-specific pop-ups, and more. Pop-up Domination follows a price schedule that starts at $9 per monthly, with 30,000 pop-ups per year. As with most premier newsletter plug-ins, WP Subscribe Pro provides all the necessary functionality you would want, such as simple pop-up triggering with certain posts/pages, delays, intention to unsubscribe, and so on.

Subscribe Pro is Feedburner compliant and a restricted number of newsletter service providers, for example MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, MailerLite and Benchmark Email. But what distinguishes the plugin is its price policy: WP Subscribe Pro gives you lifelong update and maintenance for only $29. A free plugin from WoPMU DEV, WordPress pop-up provides most of the good functionality such as eight pop-up motion graphics, more than 20 conditioned behaviours, various pop-up triggers and more.

It is also possible to create reactive pop-up shapes with the Free form Builder or use one of the predefined adjustable template tools. Also, the plugin's premier release contains more pop-up triggers and ad block bypassers. Whilst the free edition is a good choice for novices, the premier edition provides easy WPMU libraries with several plugin listings.

It is one of the most efficient and cost-effective newsletter plug-ins and can help you saving a great deal of time when used correctly. It' not really a pop-up plugin - instead it works with other shape builders or pop-up plugs like Ninja Forms. Built directly on WordPress, Mailster delivers full-featured newsletter delivery and uses third-party email delivery tools such as Mandrill and Amazon SES to deliver email to your subscription customers.

But I wouldn't suggest this plugin for people who are just beginning e-mail marketers because it requires a lot of work. Getting started with e-mail is a good way to achieve your overall e-mail objectives. It is important, however, to have a blended learning program (i.e. a sound strategy) before you take the next steps.

Buying premier plug-ins can provide good usability and a good ROI for bigger sites. Take into account your budgeting, which functions you need (and which you don't), and try a few different choices before you decide.

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