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Arvada or X theme

The three most popular WordPress themes on ThemeForest are Avada, X and Enfold - by far the largest WordPress theme marketplace ever. Themeco X X has a very logical, multi-level editing structure like no other theme. Avada, X Theme, or Encold Avada, X and Enfold are the three most beloved topics for ThemeForest - by far the biggest topic market place for thematic topics on ThemeForest...

. This is a high-performance and beloved multi-purpose Word-Press theme that can be used to build almost any kind of website. With apparently endless list of features and innumerable ratings for each topic, how do you know which one to use?

We will compare these three topics in this paper to give you a better understanding of what each one has to say, and see if Avada, X, or Enfold is right for your specific needs. Avada, X, or Enfold? So if you are looking for a high-performance design that is full of demonstrations and gives you the opportunity to customise every bit of your WordPress site, one of these three designs should give you everything you need.

In order to help you build as many different kinds of sites as possible, each theme offers many ready-made demonstrations. You can import these demonstrations into your WordPress website with just a few mouse clicks, giving you a sound basis for your own contents and saves you precious work. As for the kind of demonstrations you'll find with these three best-selling WordPress topics, almost every kind of venture you can imagine is included, from e-commerce shops to agencies' web sites, services portfolio, healthcare and gym design, blogs and more.

Neither of these topics is missing from demonstrations; numerically speaking, it collapses like this: When it comes to theme demonstrations, however, priority is given to qualitative rather than quantitative, and defining what theme a demonstration will have to suit the kind of website you are creating will be a big factor in deciding the best options for you.

Every one of these topics contains a diverse range of website demonstrations with their own distinctive and high-quality design. When you can find a demonstration that matches the kind of website you're creating, that's great. Otherwise, don't be afraid - as we will soon see, these topics have much more to give than just ready-made models.

No matter if you find the flawless demonstration for your topic or not, you will probably want to make some changes to the layout and template of your selected theme. In order to give you as much flexibility as possible, X, Enfold and Avada contain customized drag-and-drop utilities for the page creator: You can use these drag-and-drop building features to design your own WordPress post and page.

Using a mix of lines and column and then filling these layout with a number of different items, you can make some pretty distinctive and distinctive themes for your website that would otherwise be very hard to do. But not all WordPress Page Builder are the same. Whereas Enfold with its Avia Layout Builder and Avada with its Fusion Builder tools allow you to build customized page themes from a backend UI, X with its frontend UI brings things to the next levels.

Avada and Enfold's backend interface in the Page Builder works well and simplifies things in a way, as you can see what items and layout have been used to build the page layout. With Avada and Enfold builder, however, there is a difference between what you see in the backend and what your site will look like when it is released.

X's Cornerstone is the simplest of these three page creation utilities; you can quickly build customized page lays, adding items to them, and customizing the look and feel of the page. Cornerstone does this through an easy-to-use point-and-click, drag-and-drop front-end GUI that makes X the best option for those who want to easily build customized page themes for their website.

Each of these three topics gives you good visibility into what your website looks like. With these three topics you can really tailor almost every aspects of your website. And while Avada and Enfold work with backend interface for their theme adjustment controls, X lets you tailor the look and feel of your website using the WordPress Customizer.

But when it comes to explaining what topic gives you acces to most fitting choices, Avada seems to provide greater oversight over how your site is set up. In order to build a real multi-purpose theme, you need to add a useful set of utilities to help website users do more with WordPress.

Whilst Avada and Enfold both contain third-party sideshow builders - plus the high-performance LayerSlider WP plug-in - X contains more than 20 customized third-party enhancements and proprietary enhancements to update your WordPress website. Example of the utilities you have X at your disposal are the ConvertPlug Lead Generator ConvertPlug, the Visual Composer Page builder plug-in, the ContentDock Slide-In Alarmbox utility, the Soliloquy Photogallery plug-in, and the Slider Revolution Sileshow Creator.

Meanwhile, X definitely contains more in-house and third-party enhancements, extending its multifunctional theme login information. While the X enhancements are available as an option, you may want to choose your own WordPress plug-ins rather than having them for you. X is more user-friendly when it comes to configuring and maintaining your WordPress website.

The main reason for this is the use of frontend interface for theme options control and the Page Builderool. Avada's and Enfold's backend approach works fine, but it now looks a little outdated - especially when you compare it to X's advanced frontend interface and the Cornerstone Builders utility.

Avada gives you great visibility into how your contents will look at the custom mail and page levels. The Fusion Page Options window, which appears in the WordPressditor, lets you manage many aspect of how your particular contents are presented. Avada Fusion Page Options panels cover which of your slider controls is shown (if any) and whether you want to display the page headers and footers or not.

The Enfold is definitely missing in the page layer preferences and controls: Nor does X offer the same degree of controll as Avada. With Enfold and X, however, you can use the Page builder tool to build a customized theme for your work. However, if you don't want to go so far as to use the built-in developers to build your own themes, Avada is the theme that gives you the most complete command over how your particular contents are presented.

Neither theme is hard to use, but overall X offers a more agile and user-friendly management expertise. Finally, when selecting a topic, it can often be useful to see what others have already done with it. Be sure to take a look at some real-life (preferably live) samples of sites that have been built with each of these three very compelling topics.

Avada, Enfold and X with the aim of matching the best multi-purpose WordPress theme to find is not simple - they are all great topics that can really be used to build any kind of website with WordPress. And the fact that they are similarly expensive, with Avada and Enfold for 59 dollars and X for 64 dollars, does not help to part them.

If you use these designs, it is easily recognizable why they are the bestsellers on the ThemeForest plaza. Everyone has an amazing choice of high-quality demonstrations to select from, and accessing a large collection of demonstrations makes building a professionally designed website with WordPress so much faster and simpler. If you have a particular website visions or can't find a demonstration that' s right for your website needs, the Page Builders help make WordPress much more versatile.

The ability to generate contents with user-defined layout and then fill those layout with a variety of items makes it easier for anyone to generate the kind of website they need. When you then consider all your personalization preferences and choices, you have great visibility into how your website will look and work.

Since Avada, Enfold, and X are high value topics, you need to look at the demonstrations and try the functions to find out which one is best for your specific needs. X looks like the most advanced theme from this group with its frontend pagebuilder and the use of the WordPress Customizer.

This does not mean, however, that you should rebate Avada and Enfold if they otherwise fulfill your needs. Please note: For more detailed, specialized information on each of these three topics, please read some of our previous article, namely: Theme Review: This is the ultimate WordPress theme?

An in-depth look at one of the best-selling WordPress topics of 2015 and WordPress X Theme Review: Any/all of the above three topics used?

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