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Build your own website with Avada Photography Website Design or browse our collection of website designs & kick start your business online today! You can find a special demo for photographers here.

Photographer from New York uses Avada themes

Shows his work with slide controls and portals. When you have great photos, let the pictures do the work - not the WordPress theming. Radassao shows his nice work easily with simple to use homepage slider as well as a folder, a place for a blogs and client comments.

Previously his website worked well with WOO Themes Canvas, but with the Avada WordPress thread we take it to the next step. This homepage has paraallax and scrolls the long page where we can present Michael and his work and then leads into subsections to dive more deeply into photography.

Hot 10 WordPress Topics for Professionals

The photography is one of the most favorite pastimes in the contemporary age. Currently, more than 40 million professionals and amateurs are involved in a photograph. Simultaneously, the web is an excellent place to publish and distribute photographic work. This is confirmed by the statistics: more than 90 million photographs are published every day on the web.

WordPress, as the most advanced website web site host ing-platform, cannot share these facts. Besides publishing photographs on public webs, every enthusiastic professional would like to set up his own on-line photo creation that could summarise the results of all his work. Furthermore, this website could be an outstanding resource for prospective recruiters to find out that there are many gifted photo professionals.

WordPress can offer everything you need for your own comfortable web room in order to give your photogeny everything it needs. However, there are some issues with setting up a website for a professional photographer. The first of these issues is the selection of the topic for the creation of your web presentation.

Point is the large number of topics for WordPress. Even if you restrict the selection to certain topics for the photographer, the offer still stays very broad. This is why we have put together an evaluation of the most interesting WordPress topics for you. It contains the best-selling and best checked WordPress topics.

Everybody meets the latest demands on retinal and portable design. Furthermore, each of these topics has the possibility to build a professionally designed folder from your WordPress website or your blogs. The Avada is a universal WordPress topic that should be mentioned in every rank. You can find a specific demonstration for fotographers here.

A WordPress website templates tutorial for professional use. This allows you to run the final website in just a few moments or make your own custom izations to the site using a straightforward drag-n-dropditor. What makes the Avada WordPress topic so special is its universal nature. Flexibility in website layout and the ability to incorporate your own creative input into the overall look and feel of your website creates a truly exceptional asset for any professional photographer.

Avada's features also allow the photographer to use their work for a variety of different ends. Not only can you gather your works in the Portfolios galleries, but you can also build an interactivity with your own pictures or even shop your works of art on line. Bow WordPress's designers have put particular emphasis on creating a minimally invasive look that underscores the unique nature of your photographic work and doesn't detract from your audience with unnecessary designs.

The Bow is a very adaptable shape, although it is quite good in its initial state. An other important characteristic of Bow WordPress themed is the three ready-made templates for the home page of your website or blogs about photography. The Camilla WordPress themed website is specifically developed for those who appreciate the ability to create websites horizontally.

Camilla also offers you a selection of three ready-made patterns in different style - bright, deep and deep. The Camilla WordPress themes include an easy-to-use page-builder that lets you build customized web pages for any use. They can also manipulate pages with ready-made layouts and select colours for different style items.

There is no need for web engineering or web designing skills. The Darkroom WordPress topic is designed for enthusiasts of full-screen photo presentations. You can use this redesign to build SEO-optimized and agile websites with full-width wallpapers, faders or video. Simultaneously, all of Darkroom's designs are minimalistic so as not to divert the attention of the users from looking at the contents.

The Darkroom contains 8 ready-to-use full screen layouts. The variety will help every professional select the right photographic styles for their work. The Darkroom also provides an easy way to set up an on-line shop for your work on the WordPress website or in your blogs. The DK is a multi-functional imaginative subject that could draw the eye of photographs through interesting designs and possibilities for creating picture galeries.

The DK contains 4 ready-made home page layouts for your website and 10 layouts for other kinds of pages. DK WordPress theme allows you to build your own password-protected gallery. ePix can be used to monetise your web projects by offering your customers the opportunity to purchase premiums. ePix is an ideal tool for those who want to build their own portfolios on their website.

Enormous customisation options and a wide range of ready-made layouts allow ePix admins to use the WordPress themes for their own website. ePix contains a full-screen slide bar, various gallery layouts, a page creator and WooCommerce integrator. Each of these items allows you to effortlessly build and customize a truly individual website for a professional digital still image artist, even after you've completely changed your working styles.

Developed specifically for professional photography professionals, √Čtudes is dedicated to showcasing your work. In order to do this, the designers have selected a minimalist look with the possibility of using full-screen frames and slide controls that draw your eye to your work and only to them. The possibilities of this topic are much valued by blogs, photographs and those who want to advertise their work on the web.

Various sizes and adaptations of the individual elements make it possible to make the best possible designs for your work. The FatMoon differs from other WordPress topics for the photographer by a multitude of predefined demonstrations. Over 40 ready-made template files are available to those using this topic. FatMoon also contains the most important and necessary plug-ins to work with WordPress website or blogs for free - Visual Composer and Slider Revolution.

Unparalleled library management allows you to manage the library of your corporate images without any web engineering or web designing skills. Frames is an ultra-easy WordPress topic with a user-friendly surface. It' a great topic for WordPress administrators who want to open their web projects to upload their own photos.

The frame motif allows you to select various designs for the raster, full-screen or brickwork portfolios. The topic also contains template for full-screen blogs and contacts. Seamless H-Code provides a wide range of template and ready-made items that you can place in any area of your website or blogs. Fifty-seven finished demonstrations, 37 homepage layouts, 26 layouts for single-page pages, more than 200 shortcuts - all this is contained in the H-Code topic.

One of the key characteristics of H-Code is the availability of 6 original introduction demonstrations. Of course these are not all WordPress topics Worth mentioning for photographs. However, the above evaluation is made for you to assess the main characteristics of each and every imaginative topic. Hopefully, with the help of this paper, you will be able to identify the key points in your choice of topic.

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