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Use the Avada theme to create a gallery or portfolio. Avada debate | Responsive multi-purpose theme (page 626) Hey! All your portfolio elements are arranged to draw blogs as it seems. Mmmm no, portfolio entries are designed to drag portfolio entries, not blogs. Blogs have their own posttype, portfolios have their own posttype.

Any number of portfolio pages can be created, each with its own portfolio categories.

You can create a new portfolio page named "Gallery of Brides" and then allocate them your Gallery of Brides section and only these entries will be displayed there. As you can see in our demonstration, portfolio postings receive individual mail pages. You can, however, delete the links to them so that they only show the page types of the Hauptgalerie.

I just checked your movie for portfolio post addition and this seems to be a very bewildering way to create a basic image gallery. Portfolioelements are contributions. These are not blogs, but portfolio post. It allows you to get a much more in-depth, complex description and detail of each portfolio element.

E.g., a creativity company that includes a brand image in its portfolio will most likely want to publish a lot of product detail about the portfolio element, which allows the individual mail page. It is the default for a portfolio. Seems that what you want is just a normal gallery of photos, not portfolio postings.

Easy way to filter or assign categories

Portfolios-Filtergalerie is fully reactive working with all your gadgets like Apple Notebook, Laptop Desktops, Tables, Mobile. Changing endless colors, changing backgrounds for titles and descriptions, changing the colors of titles and descriptions, and changing the borders of pictures. It is really hazelnut-free to build filtering or categories for the portfolio gallery.

On each page you can insert, remove or even refresh your categories or filters. The Portfolio-Filtergallery is a fully reactive management according to your equipment. The Blueimp Gallery is a touch-sensitive, reactive and customisable picture and videogallery, roundabout and lightbox optimised for both portable and web browser use. The Blueimp Gallery has been tried and found to work with the following browsers:

This is a small Java script libary with which pictures can be placed over the actual page. is a jQuery "lightbox" plug-in for desktops, mobiles and tablets. Add gallery lightboxes to jQuery. Strongly adaptable, simple to use and designed to handle pictures, video (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Brightcove), sound cloud track, IFRAMEs and AJAX music.

A great -looking light box for displaying pictures and photographs in a bigger view. Amazingly sketched, fully reactive boatstrap light box for previewing pictures. There is a dark covering power that will help to enhance the visual appearance of the picture pop-up, and a closing pushbutton to shut down the movie. Just - Click Create New Categories to create a new one, enter the name of the filters you want to create. - Click the updating symbol, you will see an symbol like a stylus, click on it to refresh a categories or filters.

Erase - Click the Erase or Recycle Bin buttons to erase the categories or filters you created. Filters - The Filters "All" is not deleteable, it shows all pictures you have in the gallery. Greyscale pictures have many greyscales in between. There is no clear assignment of such a colour picture to a grey scale picture if the initial colour picture has no definite colour space or if the grey scale picture should not have the same colour achromatically intensive as the colour picture seen by humans.

On the picture we show the caption with a beautiful dark covering on the back. Add a gallery picture links. Your pictures can be linked to several places, such as a page or location on your website. Portfoliomauerwerk by is the most favorite plug-in from the above mentioned group. Once you have activated the Filter Gallery plug-in, go to the Plug-in drop-down box.

Creating Portfolio Filter Gallery, Configuring and Saving Preferences. Please copy the gallery short code and paste it on the page / in the article. Once you have activated the Filter Gallery plug-in, go to the Plug-in drop-down list. Creating Portfolio Filter Gallery, Configuring and Saving Preferences. Please copy the gallery short code and paste it on the page / in the article. The Instagram Type Gallery - The Instagram Type Gallery plug-in for creating a fantastic layout.

Portfoliofilter Gallery - The Gallery plugin to build a great Portfolio Filter Gallery plugin in just a few moments. Best Grid Gallery Plugin - Best Grid Gallery Plugin - Simple Grid Gallery Plugin - Displays your picture in the Page & Post Widget/Sidebar area. Gallery Plugin - Gallery Mailbox - Shows all gallery pictures in a few seconds in the Mailbox slide bar.

Nice plug-in! First, this plug-in is extraordinary! There are so many great choices and variants for light boxes, filter, image search, etc. Better than this stunning plug-in was the service! I am so happy that I purchased this plug-in! It is the best of its kind I've come across and I'm using the free one.

I needed 10 min to put in 200 pictures with filtering, and everything worked the first one. That is definitely my new standard gallery plug-in. Thanks so much for doing a great thing with this plug-in. "Portfolio-Image Gallery" is open code work. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

Yes, the compilation has been prepared and the Hindie compilation Demo Link Changer has been added. Modify the layout of the settings page, choose Append Movie in Portfolio Gallery.

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