Avada Portfolio Tutorial

Portfolio Tutorial

Create Portfolio Posts Once you have created your portfolio page, you must generate portfolio postings for them to appear on the portfolio pages. There are several portfolio mail choices in Avada, and with the option to customize each mail, you can view a range of mail items simply according to the mail group.

Every portfolio mail provides several ways to tag, categorize and skill. Classifications are the filter you see above the item that allow the observer to organize the items. Abilities and tagging are used to provide extra metainformation to the contribution. The following provides information on how to make portfolio postings.

Stage 1 - Browse to the Portfolio page in your WordPress administrator. 2 - Click the Add New icon to make a contribution. Paste a title and then paste your contribution into the edit box. Use any of our short code items in your message. Stage 3 - Adds categories from the right side.

The categories are the filter over your portfolio pictures. In order to allocate it to the contribution, activate the checkbox next to the name of the skill. Stage 6 - For a unique picture click on the first feature ed image field, choose an picture and click on'Set feature ed image'. NOTE: You must submit a feature picture for each contribution so that the contribution can be uploaded to portfolio pages.

Stage 7 - For a photo show, include more than one feature enhanced picture and each picture will be a slides in the photo show. The five presented picture fields are displayed by default in order to make further changes to the'Post Images Slideshow' number in the Options > Options > Slideshows tabs. Stage 8 - To make a contribution, enter the Youtube or Vimeo frame embedding in the Code box.

Stage 9 - In the Fusion Page Options field, choose any number of portfolio mail page option. Stage 10 - When you're done, click Publish to store the contribution. The presented pictures respond differently and have different adjustments for two major areas. Selected pictures on portfolio page layouts (e.g.: columns layouts ) and selected pictures on individual postal pages.

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