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Prefabricated templates Avada

User-defined page templates & page options included. Home-version 1 - Avada Avada's reactive frameworks ensure that your contents look great on all display screens. There are four Avada slider types that make your contents stands out! The Avada range comprises Layer Slider, Revolution Slider, Fusion Slider and Elastic Slider.

The Avada website provides unbelievable features that allow you to design a nice website. A dozen well-designed shortcuts with numerous choices give you complete control.

This is the best-selling topic of all times on Themeforest. Don't take our words at their word, take a look at our feature set and opinions to see why our Avada customers like to use Avada and keep returning! This is a copy I purchased for testing and I am amazed.

The topic is not only well thought out with good quantity and customization possibilities, but also the help in your supportforum is great, I can fully endorse the topic and the dev. Fantastic, you guys are Exceptional with help and I don't know a single thing that is greater than Exceptional or has ever texted here millions of time!

Excellent topic Excellent people and excellent support! There is no need to buy a topic anymore, this is the ultimative THEMA for me for every business and every customer of mine. The subject is GROSSARTIG. I' ve tried to work with other topics in the past and always came across mistakes, but not with Avada!

It' very simple to adapt the design to your website without programming skills. For me, the product range and the slide controls are a must, and Avada really does deliver! I' m going to stay with Avada for a while!


The Avada contains some page templates from which you can make your choice. Every page style is tailored to the users needs. If you want a page that corresponds to 100% of the full width of the current web page, for example, use the 100% width page-style. Standard - This page style uses the site width you specified in the Fusion theme options.

100 percent width - This page style shows your contents in full width. Empty page - This is the empty page style; if you use it, the headers and footers are deleted. Contacts - This is the Contacts page templates you should select when creating your contacts page using Google Map and a Contacts Forms.

Pageavigation - This is the page style for pageavigation. For more information, see the Page Navigator section of this guide. 1 - Creating a new page or editing an old one. Stage 2 - On the right side of the page you will find the "Page Attributes" area. 3 - Under the'Template' item, select the page style you want from the drop-down list.

For more information on what each page style is intended for, please read the section above. 4 - When the process is complete, click either Store Design or Publishing. Lack of page templates? In Avada 5.0, we deleted the portfolio and FAQ page templates. In releasing Avada 5.0, we chose to discard templates for portfolio and FAQ pages due to duplication.

In order to build your own portfolios or FAQ pages, please use our Portfolios and FAQ short code items. Each of these short code items offers more detailed choices and more flexible ways to build your page.

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