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What can I do to change the product page? Main page' Community forum' How to modify the product page? Hello everyone, probably a dumb questions, but how can I modify the product page? I' m talking about the page for a single product. I want to modify the look of a robot and put more things there.

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The Avada Topic + View + Layout - Woocommerce Single Product Page

Hi, I am using Avada themes, layout, type, views, Avada integrations and voocommerce view plug-in on my website. If I want to make a customized page layout for individual product pages, I need full width wallpapers, but I can't do that! Need to be able to have the full width of wallpaper color/images in individual product pages of voocommerce, in contents!

I' m assuming it's a bug in the integration plugin because the Full Width line should be applied to your Full Width monitor and has no border. For this harbour porpoise we usually suggest the free plugin "Duplicator". Please omit the following step and just mail me the installation files and the zip archive that you download.

So if your site is a site on which you do not object to us fixing the problem, you can also give me permission to use it. Frequently I use the plugin to duplicate my work. All plugins on this page need to be disabled - so I asked a copy pack not to install on your site.

Deactivating plugins can sometimes lead to lost files. Also, I see that you are using cache software that needs to be turned off and fixed by default to fix problems. They also use a kid themes, I would have to replicate this problem with the superordinate themes and no AddOn plugins, as well as no Cache plugins.

Sometimes cache plugins cannot just be deactivated, but require further actions to be completely deactivated. W3 Total Cache example: Besides, I don't see the problem everywhere, only on WooCommerce Single Product Pages. As a test, I made the cell and the line as full width: I stored them and loaded the page again, which now presents a Visual Editor Cell in full width.

When this doesn't work with other layouts, it's most likely Custom HTML that bothers or a coding mismatch. I' d rather point out a bug with WooCommerce and WooCommerce Views, but for that I have to completely deactivate all plugins, have a clear memory location and a superior design.

I' d rather suggest a duplicator pack so I don't have to deal with your set-ups. I' ve upgraded my view and type to the latest release, and I' ve made a duplicator pack that you can dowload here to run your testing. They can log in and from here herunterladen the package:

Again the trouble is in WooCommerce and WooCommerce Views, that's where I want to use that, but it doesn't work the full width! Note that we offer full BUG fixes on integration plugins, but this could also be a topic related bug, our DEV will need to thoroughly analyse this first, and this may take a while.

Every problem we report, be it a mistake or a new features query, is seriously considered. The duplicator packet is not applicable. Check the installer-log. tar text to see if there are any errors. During packet build, the DB you are using may not be compliant with this command. ==> the errors reports:

I' ll still forward the problem to our local service to help us reduce your call waiting times, but please be prepared to supply a current parcel if you need it.

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