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Product registration Avada

To create an account click here & Get Avada Support. Use the Token-Key to record your order. From Avada v5. The 3-step product registration procedure was superseded by a new registration procedure for tokens.

Tokens registration is necessary to obtain automated upgrades, Avada demonstrations and premier plug-ins (to deploy and upgrade Revolution and Layer sliders). What effect will this have on users upgrading to Avada 5. 0 from Avada 4.0?

In Avada 4.0, if you had already purchased and subscribed to automated topic updating, you will be able to download the latest version of Avada 4.0. When Avada 5.0 is published, you will still see the upgrade notification in the WP Dashboard > Upgrades section of your WordPress Dashboard when Avada 5.0 is published. Once you have upgraded to Avada 5.0, however, you will need to re-register your product with the new token registration methodology to obtain automated upgrades, Avada demonstrations and premier plug-ins (to upgrade and upgrade your Revolution and Layer sliders).

Should you find an issue when you enter your personal token in the Product Registration box, please read our "Invalid token?" section below. The registration of your topic allows the following: IMPORTANT: You must be signed in to the ThemeForest accounts used to buy the Avada themes. Stage 1 - Log in to the ThemeForest trading partner you used to buy the Avada themed product.

4 - In the Required permissions section, make sure the following boxes are selected: 5 - Select the "Terms and Conditions" box, then click "Create Token". You will now see the "Success" page with your personal token. Stage 6 - Copy and store your personal token in a secure location and login to the Avada > Product Registration page of your website and insert your personal token in the space provided.

Stage 7 - If you see a checkmark next to your personal token, you have successfully completed the registration process. Verify our 'Invalid Token' section. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not select all four boxes, your personal token may become invalid. Ensure that you keep all your generated Token in a secure place.

The Envato message confirms that you have duplicated and securely saved your personal encryption code and that you have understood that you will need to regenerate a new encryption code if you loose it. Here you can modify or remove the authorization setting of your personal tokens. On this page you can also display the apps for which you have signed up or for which you have given in.

CAUTION: Be sure not to erase any personal tokens that are currently in use. Deletion of a personal token is irrecoverable and leads to its invalidity. Illegal token? If, after typing your personal token in the Product Registration box, you come across the above bug, you may have missing a stage in creating your personal token.

To find the probable reasons why your personal password may be void, please read on below. When you have reviewed all possible causes below and still receive the bug'Invalid Token', please submit a backup email so that our staff can take a look. If you create a new purchase you must ensure that the following permissions are verified: display your Envato account username, download purchased items, verify purchases made, and list purchases made.

These privileges are needed to validate your Avada purchases and to automatically update the topic. And if you already use an exisiting personal touch key, you can modify the token's privileges from your My Applications page. Just click on the "Edit" icon and review the necessary privileges.

Make sure that you do not overlook any signs when you copy your personal token code. When you copy your Personal Token from a text editing application such as MS Word or Notepad, be careful not to copy any additional symbols such as blanks. Ensure that the personal token you are using is still present on your My Apps page.

When it is removed or no longer in existence, you must create a new personal identifier and use it in your product registration instead. When you have more than one ThemeForest user you must make sure that you are signed in to the right user who bought Avada. If you create a personal touch key with an non-Avada purchase into your bankroll, the touch key will become void if used in the Avada Product Registration area.

In case you have difficulties to download and install the downloaded plugs and demo files, please read the following casebacks. In case you have problems with the token registration and are sure that you have fully followed the new token registration procedure, please ask your host service company to verify if they are locking our servers.

Alternatively, if the token registration still fails and you are unable to deploy the premier plug-ins, go to your Support Desk and go to the Product Registration page. Please type your personal token key in the box provided and click on "Send code". You can find an alternate way to get and deploy the Avada demos in our help Alternate Demo Import method.

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