Avada Requirements

Requirements for Avada

Avada Requirements In order to use Avada, please make sure you are using Wordpress 4. PHP 5. 6 or higher and MySQL 5. 6 or higher (for older enviroments PHP version 5.3.

x will also work, but it is advised to use at least PHP 5. 6 and PHP 7.0 preferably).

The following is a listing of the elements you should make sure that your hosting can meet the requirements. This is a compilation of the PHP version's compatability with Avada and our argumentation behind it. Except for demonstration import, Avada is even x compliant with previous PHP 5.2.x releases, i.e. Avada will work with these previous PHP 5.2.x releases, but the demonstration import will not work.

We' ve formally discontinued PHP 5.2 because it has primarily come to the end of its lifecycle and for the sake of system efficiency and function. As we are committed to our regular customers, however, we have resolved some known problems with PHP 5.2. x so that all Avada 5.2. x Avada customers can use Avada without any problems.

However, the following also applies here: Please upgrade your PHP software. Others have come to the end of their lifecycle and may subject your site to weaknesses. There' s an important need to stop using old PHP releases and always upgrade to the latest one. Five have come to the end of their lifecycle and should not be used at all.

Also PHP 5.6 will achieve the end of our current level of activity by the end of this year. Those releases should not be used, but we are supporting them and they will work with Avada. Since they have come to the end of their lives, however, problems can only be solved to a limited degree.

Problems that you may be experiencing are because certain web sites do not take good care of such things, causing a great deal of trouble for their clients and the topics they use. It' s not the fault of the topics, it's the host that won't be up to date with the latest PHP releases.

As the only active PHP releases from January 2017 will be 7+, these should be the releases of your choosing and you should always look for a hosting that keeps its PHP and MySQL releases updated. On a regular basis we test the latest releases and make sure that Avada is running flawlessly on them and there are no problems.

Our technical staff is always at your disposal if you encounter any problems. Just send a tick here and one of our expert supports will help you. A lot of problems you may encounter such as: whitepaper, your trial version doesn't work, empty page contents with Fusion Builder and other similar problems are all associated with low PHP config boundaries.

On the System Status page in the Welcome screen area, you can check your PHP setup boundaries. Search the Avada > System Status tabs in the menu bar on the right.

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