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Classifications, search box, tabs, accordion and text widgets that can hold all our shortcodes such as testimonials, toggles, buttons, etc. In case your design does not display the search mask correctly, you can get free support from Ivory Search Support. Is the plugin searchable?

This is how you append shortcodes to search dumps

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Compatible with 6 WordPress search plugins to substitute the default search

The WordPress comes with a very simple search function. It can be added to your website by using the search widget. Here you can find the search results. The search function is very simple and does not always show the results. Here we show you some better search engines that you can use to substitute the standard WordPress search function.

WordPress Search - Why should I use it? If you run a WordPress site with a lot of contents, it will be hard for your visitors to find older and less liked contents on your website. For searches, you can count on Google. Mostly, these people go back to Google, search for what you already have, and end up on a different site.

If you don't search properly, you lose traffic, convert traffic and cash. WordPress standard search is not good at all. It' slower, shows no relevant results, and can't search the whole site. Therefore, you need to substitute it with a search utility that can quickly show your searchers what they are looking for.

Google is without a doubt the world's most popular searcher. With Google, website publishers can simply build their own search machines and simply include them in their sites. The only thing you need to do is to go to the Google Custom Search website and build a new search machine for your website.

Then click on the Get Password and copy the password and insert it into the search of your WordPress topic. pdf-files. Or you can use the WP Google Search plug-in to insert Google Search into your WordPress page with ease. SuchWP is a WordPress search plug-in. It' a big enhancement over the standard WordPress search and shows results that are extremely important.

Indicates all your WordPress contents so that they can be quickly browsed. In addition to searching for a keyword in articles, it can be configured to search anywhere, even appendices, pages, words, catagories, custom article styles, etc. are included. Easily integrated into most WordPress eCommerce plug-ins, it allows your visitors to search for items on your website.

The Relevanssi is a very well-liked search plug-in for WordPress. Displays search results by relevance instead of by date. In terms of the search result accuracy, Relevanssi significantly enhances the search engine by providing search experiences that include part hits, tagging, categories, user-defined search boxes, and more. It comes with many advanced functions like the Search function that will add a Google like 'Did you mean' if no results are found.

It is also possible to specify the weighting that the plug-in should give to correspondences in posts title, tag, comment, etc.. The Relevanssi version has WPML plug-in functionality, i.e. it can be used with any programming interface. Base plug-in is free and not supported. Swiftpe is a search engine company for websites. Contrary to WordPress plug-ins that use your server's search ressources, Swiftype does the entire search in the cloud.

Results are also manyfold better than the standard WordPress search. Plus, ScriptType provides really great search analysis that lets you generate new contents. User can search results by date, artist, type of posts, etc. Or you can view the search results in your SWIFT-type dashboard and manipulate the search results visually by just draging the results up and down.

Swiftype' s main plug-in is free. I need you to open an affiliate on the Swiftype website. Chargeable search begins at $79/month (free evaluation version available). The Ajax Search Pro is a premier search plug-in for WordPress. Shows results of searches performed in real time when the searcher enters a keyword in the search box.

The Ajax Search Pro is fast and simple to set up and comes with shortcuts and a search widget. Ajax Search Pro is a search tool that can be used to search for the most relevant search results. The search can be added anywhere in your WordPress topic. It is also possible to use the shortcut to generate a special search page. Search Ajax Search Pro will search all your postings using your search engine, plus mail type, category, tags, user-defined field, comment, etc.

It is a high-performance search plug-in for WordPress that allows your searchers to adjust their search using filtering. User can limit their search to certain posts, categories, tags, user-defined taxonomies, authors, dates, etc. They use jQuery for search checks and Ajax for viewing the results. WorldPress is a CMS and not a search machine.

A CMS does its work very well, but it does not have a proper search engine. They can select any one of them and have a fully operational location search in a few moments. Think WordPress should enhance standard search capabilities?

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