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Show my Avada-style shop products in the standard product grid. All you have to do is increase your hook function to overwrite Avada's hook function: Shop page displays product as contributions instead of in a raster. Show my Avada-style shop items in the standard chart. All my items are shown as blogs. At the WooCommerce Views setting, I chose both to use the standard woocommerce styles that Avada's would be.

Very good view of the actual page. Shop page is the one with the problem that the items are shown as blogs post.

WooCommerce preferences are also correct for the shop page, and it is also generated as a page and not as a contribution. You can also see the enclosed screenshots to see what is displayed on the shop page. When I see the item, I see it in a grid pattern. Have you already solved your problem?

I wanted to ask, if you don't intend to design your shop and product single posts with content template, why do you use WooCommerce View? You do not need to do this if you do not intend to modify the template for the oathscreen. Are you able to explain the objective and the problem?

The side panel does not appear on the shop page (although it does appear on the search results page).

This topic contains 10 answers, has 2 votes and was last edited by John T. 2 years, 6 months ago. Find the latest update in this thread at Hi, I have added filter products to the side bar of my Woocommerce shop page via Appearance > Widgets. I' ve verified that these filter are available in both English and Thai (my other language) widget areas, but they are not displayed on the Thai Shop page.

However, they will be shown on the search results page (with proper translation). Could you help me display these filter on my Thai-Shop page? Can' see the problem. #2, I have been testing on my website and it works well on both shop pages. Here you can try to use the voice switch in the start group.

Sincerely, #1, I can see the problem. However, it looks like the side bar on the far right is not there. That' the edition of your work? Two, have you tried a standard topic? Seems there's an Avada preference switch for turning this side bar on and off? The John T. Avada feature allows you to set generic topic options that are valid for all languages at the same time.

I have Avada > Topic Options > Sidebars > Woocommerce Archive/Category Pages of all three (i.e. All Languages, Deutsch, Thai) just to be sure. Sidebar 1 menus of everyone are on the same menus'Shop Sidebar', so nothing is incorrect there. So the only abnormality I see is that there's 2'Shop Sidebar' in the drop-down list if there's only one, so I tried to use them both, and they both worked on the German one.

Unfortunately, the side bar for the Thai shop page is still not displayed. When you need my login data to investigate the problem, please give me a hyperlink for a personal ticketing. #1, Have you tested with a standard topic? Is the problem still there? #2, OK, so we can limit it to showing this side bar between tongues, right?

Could you please include the topic in your next personal answer? Looks like this is a problem with the subject, so I'm going to test it again. - Drop by again and let me know the latest news about the topic. Avada > Topic Options > Sidebars > Woocommerce Archive/Category Pages, but I can't show the slidebar on the shop page, but it's okay in the categories pages.

3, For Avada, please verify your preferences by changing the language in the administration panel? Hi Dat, The side panel on the shop page is connected to the Widgets, so you need to select or build a wide area (Appearance > Widgets) and apply filter choices first.

Go to Avada > Topic Options > Sidebars > Woocommerce Archive/Category and choose this widget from the drop-down menu (e.g. Woocommerce Archive/Category Server 1). For the shop side bar the same broadget was chosen in all language versions. Sincerely, John T. Okay, I think I have a clue.

Tried to change the default settings (both languages) in Avada > Theme Options > Woocommerce Products by clicking'Activate Global Sidebar'. At this point the side bar will appear in all language versions on the shop page. However, the trouble now.... is that the side bar menus also appear on a separate products page with this setup, and that's nothing I'd like to have.....

Now, I think it should be about the problem with Avada. The problem's solved.

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