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The Fusion Core plugin is a companion plugin that is required to use Avada Theme. This can be extended by creating shortcodes. In order to use a short code, click on the icon above (located in the list of icons in the Content Editor).

This is how you build a custom short code in Avada Fusion Core Plugin

Merge Core plugin is a plugin that is necessary for the use of Avada themes. This can be enhanced by the creation of shortcodes. In order to integrate the fusion kernel classes "FusionCore_Plugin", you have to build another plug-in.

remove_action('wp_ajax_fusion_shortcodes_popup', array('FusionCore_Plugin','popup'), 10) ; add_action('wp_ajax_fusion_shortcodes_popup', array(&$ce,'popup'), 10) ; Jetzt Fusion-sc hinzufügen. in this function, in which short code arrays must be added:'includes'); remove_action('wp_ajax_fusion_shortcodes_popup', array('FusionCore_Plugin','popup'), 10); add_action('wp_ajax_fusion_shortcodes_popup', array(&$this,'popup'), 10); * dropup feature, which displays short code option in the thick box. You will see the short code name in the drop-down list:

Pick' =>'Pick a shortcode','Alarm' =>'Alarm','Blog' =>'Blog','Button' =>'Button','Checklist' =>'Checklist', //'Clientslider' =>'Client Slider', //'Code' =>'Codeblock','Columns' =>'Columns'', Fusion Slider' =>'Fusion Slider' =>'Fusion Slider','Fullwidth' =>'Full Width Container','googlemap' =>'Google Map','highlight' =>'Highlight' =>'Highlight' =>'highlight','heading' =>'heading','imageframe' =>'Image Frame','lightbox' =>'Lightbox',

Menu anchor' => Menu anchor','modal' =>'modal','modaltextlink' =>'modal textlink','onepagetextlink' =>'One Page Text Link','person' =>'Person','popover' =>'Popover','postslider' =>'Post Slider', Sliders' =>'Slider','sociallinks' =>'Social Links','Soundcloud' =>'SoundCloud','Tabelle' =>'Tabelle' =>'Tabelle' =>'Tabelle' =>'Tabelle','Tabs','Taglinebox' =>'Tagline Box','Testimonials' =>'Testimonials' =>'Tests','title' =>'Title',

Switches' =>'Switches','Tooltip' =>'Tooltip','vimeo' =>'Vimeo','woofeatured' =>'Woocommerce Featured Products Slider','wooproducts' =>'Woocommerce Products Slider','youtube' =>'Youtube'); Now you can insert short code field with a hot variables "$fusion_shortcodes". Using this tag adds short code fields: no_preview' => true,'std' => '''','type' =>'uploader','label' => __('Image ','fusion-core'), ), ) )),'std' => '','type' => texte','label' => __('Titre','fusion-core'),), ),'std' =>''type',' => zone texta', ),

Labels' => __( 'Short Description', 'Fusion Core'), ), ), 'std' => '', 'Type' => 'Text', 'Label' => __( 'Button Text', 'Fusion Core'), ), 'std' => '', 'Type' => 'Text', 'Label' => __( 'Button Link', Merger core' ), ), 'std' => ''', 'Type' => 'Text', 'Label' => __( 'CSS Class', 'Fusion core' ), ), ), ), ), 'std' => '', 'Type' => 'Text', 'Label' => __( 'CSS ID', 'Fusion core' ), ), ), ), ),

Shortcodes' =>'[pt_content_button image={{image}}}} title="{{title}}}}" button_text="{{button_text}}}}" button_link="{{button_link}}}" class="{{class}}}" id="{id}}}}"]{short_description}}}}[/pt_content_button]', ); By inserting a short code in the visible text box, you can add it in the text editor: classs' =>'','id' =>''','id' =>''',''','title' =>''','' Bild' =>'','button_text' =>'',''' Knopf_link' =>'','textcolor' =>'#fff', ), $atts)) ; returnv ; ajouter_cod_caractéristiques('pt_content_button','pt conten_button_shortcode_render') ;

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