Avada Slider Tutorial

Slider Tutorial

Read below to learn more about Fusion Sliders and Slides. Visit Slider Revolution in your WordPress Admin sidebar. To assign a slider You can use two different ways to apply a slider to a page. The Avada Fusion Page option allows you to apply a slider to a page, and our Fusion Page Builder with builders allows you to add the slider. The slider is always shown directly below the top line menus when you map a slider using the Fusion Page Options, as this is the standard one.

Thus it is ensured that the slider is not affected when you adjust the top padding of your page. All slider styles have by defaults the possibility to select the slider location - Standard / Down / Up. Your selected slider determines which Fusion Page options are available to be configured for the slider, such as

Revolution Slider has the ability to enable/disable Avada style, the other slider settings don't have this feature, etc. Slider Fallback Image" is available in the Fusion page options for Revolution, Layer and Elastic sliders on portable smartphones, where you can load a fallback image that overwrites the slider on all responding smartphones.

The Fallback Image is not available for the Fusion Slider unless you are uploading a self-hosted movie and setting the Preview Image to Fusion Slider > Edit or Create Slides. Stage 1 - Locate the Fusion Page Options field below the WordPress Content Editor and click the'Sliders' button.

Stage 2 - Locate the'Slider Type' item and choose the slider you want from the drop-down box. Like, fusion slider. Stage 3 - After you choose a slider, the slider types available for that slider are displayed. Choose the name of the slider you want to see below the corresponding drop-down box.

When selecting'Fusion Slider', choose a name from the corresponding'Select Fusion Slider' box. Allocating a slider to a page or contribution via the Fusion Builder will treat it like a regular slider now. If you are added to a page, the adjustment of the upper and lower padding of your page affects the slider.

Because it is pasted over an item, you can also specify its exposure setting for portable, tabular, and desktop device. Merge Slider - Insert your Fusion Sliders into a page or posting using the Fusion Slider item. Layers slider - Use the Layers slider control to insert your layers slider into a page or posting.

Slider Revolution - Insert your Revolution Sliders into a page or contribution using the Revolution Slider item. Stage 2 - Click the Use Fusion Builder icon to enable the Fusion Builder. 3 - Insert a container into the page and choose the required columns format. 4 - Click on the "+ Element" section to open the Elements pane.

Find the slider item you want to include, and then click it to open the radio button pane. The Fusion Slider for example. 5 - From the drop-down box, choose the slider you want to use. The Fusion Slider item is referred to as the Zone 'Slider Name'; the Layer and Revolution Slider items are referred to as the Zone 'Select Slider'.

Stage 6 - Once you have specified which slider you want to view, you can begin to configure the style choices as you wish.

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