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Receive instant paid Avada Theme Support from our experts. If you have an Avada problem with your WordPress website, we can help. Test us for free on your Avada website! Boys should completely remove any links and/or endorsements to the Avada theme from your website.

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The Avada is a very appealing contemporary and clear designed product with many functions such as high end slide controls, limitless colours, extended themes choices and more.

The Avada is a very appealing contemporary and clear designed product with many functions such as high end slide controls, limitless colours, extended themes choices and more. Avada theming ( 5.0. 3 or higher version), also available under Forest theming. Also make sure that the Avada topic is already up and running.

Installs and activates the Avada Theme. The Avada document provides you with all the information you need to make the setup. Avada's YouTube channels also offer an outstanding library of Tutorials and Step-by-Step Video. Enable the Use the translator editor checkbox in the How to translate post and pages section and click Save.

To get up and running easily, please refer to our first aid course instructions for website translations. See our document page for detailed instructions on how to create content and pages. Activating the following items/item attribute translations can cause problems when you send a page to Professionals or when you use the local translator to edit it.

This problem is not technically related, but arises from the fact that often the translator does not fully grasp the source text and can abort it during it. Let's look at an example of a person item that contains text that needs to be translated. Feel free to view a brief videotape about the translations of pages created with Fusion Builder:

Translations support for globals, lines and paragraphs is provided by: We' ve built a page with the Fusion Builder. This page contains a text item and a flip box item, which we define as a flat item. Perform the following procedure to compile the globale element: Go to Fusion Builder -> Libraries.

Press the + symbol to convert the current item to the required languages. As a result, you reach the page Translations Editor. Type the text you have just finished typing and tick the Completed translations option. When you have finished the text translations, click the Save & Close pushbutton. Browse back to the Contents edit page where you used to create the item.

Press the + symbol in the voice meteo boxes to start translating the page. The Translation Editor page appears. As you will see, the text of the translation elements is not uploaded to the Translation Editor page. That' s standard because we have already compiled the text of the part.

Insert the text that has been rendered for other items on the page, select the Completed translations for each box check box, and click Save & Close. Loads all text objects into the frontend, as well as the entire text. Execute exactly the same procedure as above to compile globale container and column.

Now you can add the localized globale item, pedestal or columns to any page of your website without having to worry about the translation of the text. Just click the + pushbutton to compile the page contents. You do not load the localized translation text into the translation editor page because it has already been localized.

Evaluate other items on the page and select all items that have been updated as fully updated. If you edit text for globale items in the standard terminology, you must refresh the translations of the globale items. If you want to refresh the standard langauge globale unit and refresh the translations, do the following: Go to Fusion Builder -> Libraries.

On the Edit menu, click the Edit item that you want to edit. You can also refresh the contents of the standard page within a page. Refresh the item to your needs and store the item and then Refresh. Click on the symbol for rotating arrow in the speech MIDI text boxes to refresh the translated text.

You reach the page Translations Editor. Evaluate the added text, select the completed text for each box, and then click Close and Save. As a result, the localized versions of the globals on your website will be updated. User-defined mail items can be compiled using the Translations Editor. This is an example of how you can compile a portfolio item:

In your WordPress dashboard, browse to the Portfolio page and click the plus sign to compile a portfolio element. This reopens the Translations Editor. Notice that the Translations Editor monitor shows the portfolio category to be translated. Use the same procedure to compile the normal contributions. This example translates the mail category.

Notice that you can use the same methodology to compile any kind of contribution types. Visit the Contributions -> Categories page and click on the categories you want to have translated. Paste your translations into the Name, Slug and Description boxes and click New Catagory. This example shows how we are translating the portfolio categories.

All user-defined taxes can be translated using the same methods. Choose Portfolio Categories from the dropdown list to the right of Choose the taxonomy to translate. 4. Press the Plus pushbutton to complete the user-defined validation of the taxi by completing the necessary boxes and clicking the Save pushbutton. Avenada comes with its own customized slide control named Fusionlider.

It' also included with Revolution and Layer slots. In order to move faders that have been made with the Fusion fader, follow the following steps: In the WordPress Dashboard, browse to Fusionlider -> Insert or Edit Transparencies. Select the transparency (slides that are part of the same slider) that you want to compile.

This example will show how to compile the homepage film. Insert the text to be replaced and activate the checkbox "Translation completed" for each box. Make sure that the Merge Page Options fader is added to the page. Adding the Merge Page Builder to the page with the scroll bar causes problems viewing the scroll bar on the frontend.

Insert the text to be replaced and activate the checkbox "Translation completed" for each box. There is only the slide bar on my home page, this tells you why you don't see any text items on the picture below that are available on the translator's editor display other than the title. That' s what the sliders on the frontend look like:

In order to find out how to get these translations done, please refer to our String Translations page. When you work with a website development company, please use our website support forums to get help compiling the contents of your website.

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