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There are 5 good reason why you shouldn't buy the Avada theme! Avanda is a very popular WordPress and it is the No. 1 sales theme of all time, according to the writers! So why did I headline my article "5 Why you shouldn't buy the Avada theme"? I know Avada that well?

In order to be able to judge a topic, you have to use it a great deal and I was fortunate enough to use Avada since the old times and to have built several pages with Avada while working as a contractor, and this is one of them.

I' ve also repeatedly set it up at many customer locations and worked as an Envato service provider, where I have to date almost 200 WordPress installations complete. Well, I can say I know Avada very well. What makes me think everyone shouldn't buy Avada? The Avada has all the functions you can think of in any subject, and that alone is a double-edged saber, so yes, you can do practically anything with Avada, but it's way too complex to be used by everyone!

I mean a bunch of servers and I' ve come across a bunch of hosters that don't have enough ressources to cope with the topic and fulfill its minimal needs. Topic writers really like to update it, which is a great thing, but what they often do is do it in a way that makes updating not always secure for every website, especially if you just tend to lose it for a while and then try to go a few releases ahead.

As for me, I have encountered a great deal of trouble if I just do the periodic theme updates, even if I use a theme! AVAVAVA has a fantastic Theme Options panel that is very mighty and allows you to take full command of everything and that's just great, but it's not for everyone and takes a long while to find out, especially after one of the great updates of which I've seen so many!

When you try to visit the authors' website to see how many topics they have produced, you will be amazed that they have produced only one single topic, Avada! For me, it's an attempt to make it the ideal thing for everyone, and I don't think it's possible, no how great it will be.

Benefits of Avada: Please see my articles " "Are all demos on topics the same?" for more information on this point. They have a great support staff and I have approached them several of the time and they have always been quick to respond, competent and polite. It' s equipped with all the features and options you can imagine in a contemporary design.

It' s fully compliant with most of the popular and frequently used plug-ins such as WooCommerce, Press, Contacts for 7, Gravity Forms, The Event Calendar and more. Well, I sincerely hope this item has helped you and provided my own modest expertise and opinions on the famed Avada theme that can help you determine whether it is right for you or not before you actually buy it.

What is your previous use of Avada? Did you use Avada yourself?

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