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Every screen size also has a custom width setting in the Fusion Theme Options. Blogs options - Avada Avada's includes advanced blog options - 6 layout Styles! Blogs feature are up! Select from 6 different designs and have as many custom blog pages as you want! Every page can use a left/right side bar or have the full width without side bar, 4 different kinds of messages (video, sideshow, sound, image), page break or endless scroll, a super slide bar to display, manual rearrangement of messages, great roller-overs, etc,

Specify the user-defined feature image per contribution resize, automatically generate miniature views, specify the number of elements per page, auto page break, sort/filter category, right or right side bar, tonnes of metadata add/remove option, feature image, full or full image, and more!

Allocated Blog Page

Three blog ways are available to view blog postings. So the first blog methodology that we will be covering is the default WordPress methodology, which involves creating an associated blog or page. It is as easy as creating a new page and then instructing WordPress to use that page as a mail page.

You must post blog items before you can view them. In the Template section, from the drop-down menu, click Default Template. Stage 3 - You can adjust the page with Fusion Page Optionen below the Fusion Page Optionen field below the Editors. Stage 4 - To make a page your primary blog page, go to Preferences > Read and find the post s page item, then drop down the page.

This way, your blog post is dragged and dropped onto the page you assign. If you use the associated blog page as described above, all the choices you can make are on the Avada > Topic Option > Blog tab. A dozen of selection possibilities are available, such as layouts, side bars, pull-outs, full width, etc.

So there are general blog dialogs, line item page dialogs, and blog meth dialogs. Every kind of blog option you need to specify is specified in the Fusion Theme Option when you use the associated blog page.

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