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To adjust the Fusion slider buttons. In the editor, click the Fusion Shortcode button: On the Builder Elements tab, click and choose Button. You can add the link URL and the text of the button here. On the Design tab, choose Custom for the Button Style.

Keys - Avada

The Avada contains some quite astonishing keystrokes.... Keys are an integrated part of your website, and we have made sure that you have the choices you need to be able to easily create nice buttons for each page.... Select from 4 different size, 3 different shape, slim or 3-D styles, limitless colours, frame width, symbols, partitions and animation as well as buttons to open moderate pop-ups....

Manage all colours; background, gradients, floating background, floating background, floating accents, floating highlights (border, text, symbol, partition) & 3-D slant.... There are 4 different Avada buttons available, so you always have the right sized for every occasion. Select between small, middle, large or large. Select a superbly elegant flat styled key or an eye-catching 3-D key.

There are 3 different forms of Avada buttons: quadratic, round and pin. The Avada allows you to adjust the frame width and colour with ease. The Avada system incorporates the full symbol with buttons. Select the position and colour of the symbol and use it with or without a partition. Invigorate the buttons with softly animated CSS3s, which contain 7 different kinds of motion, 4 different direction, motion velocity controls, and motion offsets, to determine when the item will start animating.

There is a new feature for the beloved buttons item to cover the whole width of the surroundement. Each Fusion Builder item has these preferences and allows you to show or hide items at different display heights. You can also select what size screens they are! So you have the maximal amount of power to determine the precise point at which you want an item to show or fade.

Any options and descriptions contained with the key combination are given below. Links - The links to which the key will be redirected, up to and include http://. Example http://www.example.com/. colour - Can be one of these values: Standard, user defined, English, Greek, green, dark grey, yellow, orange, black, white, blue, white, light grey or dark grey. Specifies the colour of the icon.

User defined can use the user defined preferences. Skip to the User defined setting category. Skip to the User defined setting category. Skip to the User defined setting category. size can be one of the following: Standard, Small, Mid, Large, or Large. Specifies the icon sizing. Select Standard to select the theme item. Set the resize of the buttons. Skip - Can be one of these values: Default, yes, yes, or no.

Activates or deactivates the icon to cover the entire width of the containers. Select Standard to select the theme item. Defines the icon resize. Can be one of the following values: Standard, Flush or 3rd. Defines the icon name. Select the standard setting for selecting the design options. Fit - Can be one of the following values: standard, squared, pills, or round.

Defines the form of the buttons. Select the standard for selecting the topic options. object - Can be one of these values: Blanks for new windows, or _self for the same windows. titles - Set a caption attributes for the links to which the buttons will lead. Defines the upper and lower color of the foreground slope.

Defines the upper and lower balance bar colour of the foreground slope. Specifies the colour of the edge of the button, separator, text and symbol. Set the desired colour of the buttons edge, separator, text and symbol. befel_color - Custom only. Set the chamfer colour of the 3-D buttons. Skip_width - Custom only.

Will accept pixels, e.g. lpx. x1 icondivider - Can be one of these values: yes, or no. A separator between symbol and text is shown or hidden. Can be one of these values: right or right. Set the symbol location on the pushbutton. module - The unambiguous name of the already generated module shortcut that allows the key to initiate the module. animation_type - Can be one of these values: none, animation_type, animation_type, flash, rubberBand, shake, slide, speed, or zooming.

Set the short code to be used on the short code. Skip the short code. Skip the short code. Skip the short code to the short code you want to use. Skip the short code. Skip the short code to the short code. Set the input orientation for the motion picture. Motion_speed - Accepts a numeric value from . 1, the slower, to 1, the faster. Motion_offset - Can be one of these values: default, top-into-view, top-mid-of-view, or bottom-in-view.

Adjusts when the motion begins. Align - Can be one of the following values: centered, right, left, centered. Specifies the orientation of the icon. Display Item Transparency - Select this option to show or hide the item on small, middle, or large monitors. Every display has also a user-defined width adjustment in the Fusion Theme Options. o Dokumentation Section. o Dokumentation Section. o Documentation Section. o Dokumentation Section.

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