Avada Theme by Theme Fusion

The Avada theme by theme Fusion

Stay up to date on your Avada theme. Avada, a WordPress theme winner: Interviews with ThemeFusion As I began to review and curate the information we had collected over several month to create our new Top WordPress Themes Report function, one topic that quickly struck me was ThemeFusion's Avada. It was a topic I was looking at and it really did look great. As I tried it at Themeforest, I also saw that Avada was the best-selling WordPress theme on this plaza (with over 28,000 clients now).

TopicFusion had been the best-selling writer for May (3,349 sales) and June (3,584 sales), and it looks like it will also be for July #1. I was really surprised by the fact that ThemeFusion had only published this one topic so far! From my point ofview another very important point is that Avada receives an Avada Buyers Ratings of 4.64 to 5 (based on 2,281 Buyers Opinions), which is a very good indication of consumer happiness.

After seeing the great triumph of this WordPress theme, I thought it would be a good thing to have interviews with the guys behind ThemeFusion, Muhammad Haris and Luke Beck. The first time I approached them about this interviewee, I said that Avada had reached ascending position in our Top WordPress Themes reviews and that at that point it was in 16th place.

Both Luke and Mohammed were very kind to take my offer to publish their track record in our blogs, so here's the interview: 1 - How and when did you get together and decide to develop a WordPress theme together? The theme fusion is made up of me (Lukas) and Muhammad Haris.

Themeforest. It´s is a natural and grown -up theme forest relationship that has been an incredible one. Finally, I began creating fully featured website based public domain snippets to be sold on theme forest. Looking at one of my Philadelphia slides on theme forest, he approached me with the concept of creating a relationship that I would conceive and work out.

Both of us were 100% dedicated to our work and worked very closely to keep up with the stunning standards here at Themeforest. Finally Avada was birthed in August 2012 and as they say, the remainder is over. This is a work we really enjoy and we are very grateful for Envato and our incredible supporters.

You and I work full-time for Themefusion and can't think of anything better. When did you launch the ThemeFusion at? Themefusion was launched in March 2012, but Avada wasn't released until August 2012, we took the necessary amount of our sweetheart and made sure we were doing things right.

3- How long has Avada been on the WordPress theme list? The Avada was published on August 16, 2012. 4- Why do you think Avada has become such a popular topic? We can tell you that it's worth building a sound topic from top to bottom and, most importantly, providing your customers with the best possible level of user-friendliness.

No, we didn't think it would be so popular; it was very nice to see its appeal rising every weekend. Which Avada functions do you want to emphasise or above the others? In our opinion, the greatest capital of the topic is its versatility. Visitors can use our theme option panels to manage and customise each and every item on the site.

With so many deals, it must be pretty hard to deal with the issue of supporting. In our opinion, the best way to manage our technical assistance is to ensure that any errors or problems with our software are resolved by us before we publish an upgrade. By taking the liberty of testing every single point, we can reduce users' problems.

We also have our own user forums that we work on every day. There is also a fantastic level of help that helps us, John and Mark and Umair who is a new member of the team. What's very interesting is the fact that each of our employees was a frequent user of our forums who purchased Avada and showed their passion for help others and improve our entire online help team.

As we noticed about them and grew, we started offering them a position and they just as much like it as we do. If you use our topic, our forums are the right place for you, our employees and our customers are all wonderfully close and happy to help each other.

Shall we have new theme release schedules in the near future, or are you more actively engaged in Avada improvement? We' ll keep add new functionality and improve Avada for our 28,000 subscribers, that's something we like to do and it´s is very nice to see how Avada evolves.

We are also working on a new topic that we are very pleased about. 10- What would you suggest due to your track record to those who want to enter the WordPress theme from the ground up? Second, always make sure you stay up to date with the latest industry practices and technology as it will help your topic in the long run.

Finally, make sure you take good care of your end user by giving them the assistance they need. I' d like to thank Luke and Muhammad for taking the necessary amount of patience to reply to this question and wish them continued good luck with their next topic launch. For more information about Avada and to try the demonstration, click here.

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