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My website is a one-page parallax website with the Avada theme. Merger Page Builder : Enhancement - Contact form Contact form element allows you to attach a contact form 7 form to each page. Require the nuclear fusion plug-in. Needs the contact form 7 plug-in. Fusion is based on the highly acclaimed Bootstrap platform and allows you to simply divide the contents area of your design into appealing multi-column layout.

Merge also allows you to build components and templates.

Component parts are parts of a page design that can be replicated across multiple pages and edited/maintained in one place, and template parts are full page designs that can be uploaded and changed to make new pages easy to build. Make sure you already have the Fusion Kernel plug-in to use. Enhancement - Contact Form" is open open-source software.

Following persons have added to this plug-in. To improve your organisation, move the element design preferences to the Style page. Correct an error in the updated rollout versions 1.1.0 / Refresh plug-in URL. Needs to have Fusion core plug-in 1.1.0 or higher. Merger: Expansion - First Start Contact Form.

Theme Avada - Contact form on a page paraallax???????????

Hello Adam, We reply to hundrets of questions per diem in 5-6 hrs or less from the time of ticketing. Also, the forums were only closed because we opened a much more effective ticketing system. Log in to your site on our website and review your e-mail in a single log of your name.

When using a single-sided para-allax, you should use the Contact Form 7 plug-in to add a form anywhere on the page using the built-in shortcut. Please also verify your bank details here, we can help you quickly. Which e-mail do you like most?

And I can verify and modify it for you. I' ve thought about it more and it seems that you have typed a user-defined e-mail in the form box instead of using the one in the document, and it seems that there was a spelling mistake in it. Over the past few month this has been happening several time with several different clients, so we recently returned the user-defined e-mail box and will only use the e-mail in the attachment.

In response to my questions, the "built-in" contact function cannot do this with a one-sided pallax. E-mail in the document is not the one used in the ticketing, it is different from the one we also sent a test e-mail. The CF7 plug-in is free for the topic and works miracles, and we have added the Avada integrated graphics so we suggest using it.

If you have any further queries, please issue a ticketing via our centre and first check that the e-mail we have stored is the one you wish to use.

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