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What's new in 5.5 - Avada

Unbelievable new functions, Fusion Builder items & demonstrations! As Avada becomes more agile, adaptable, powerful it' s always a lot of pleasure! We are pleased to present Avada 5. Packed with several new Fusion Builder items, new feature sets, new demonstrations and general enhancements set to go live!

We' ve featured some of our most popular supplements below in Avada 5.5! Purchase your copy of Avada today! Additional core components for the illustrated Fusion Builder. 5 Avada. Fusion Builders 5 offers a range of all-new Fusion Builders that give you more versatility and improve your website designs. Merge Builders Before and After the Image, Fusion Builders with 7 Chart Types and Fusion Builders Syntax Highlights!

Each of these items has an unbelievable number of customisation choices for everything you need to make them your own. Our Fusion Builder Before/After & Image Switch provides you with comprehensive customisation possibilities. The Fusion Builder Charts item is really stunning, it features 7 wonderfully designed graph styles in one item with an unbelievable usability that makes it very simple to use.

Arranged with a range of stunning customisation choices, this item allows you to nicely present any type of graph information. One of our customers' most popular features is the possibility to use Fusion Builder to show frontend codes on their website. With multiple ways to manage the way your piece of code displays, you can now easily allow your user to view sample codes as full text and even copy them to the clipboard: 'Roboto', ; : : 'Roboto', ; : :,,, ); : 'Roboto', ; : 'Roboto', ; :, :,, ); Fresh New Quality Demos.

We' ve added 3 new, gorgeously styled, professionally produced demonstrations that give you an instant way to quickly set up an on-line experience. Additionally to all these demonstration imports, you can use Fusion builder to add individual pages from each demonstration to our libraries. Demonstrations of our products for our clients. The Avada Barber Shop is a beautiful hairdressing shop demonstration with modern designs, classy images and breathtaking type.

With Avada Electrician, give your website the creative and professional edge it merits. The Avada Crafted Beer was developed and constructed to be suitable for specialist and artisan beerbrewers. ANY MORE HIGH VALUE DEMO ALWAYS ON THE WAY! We' re expanding our high-value demo collection, and we have many more demonstrations currently working on upcoming theme upgrades that are free for anyone who has bought Avada!

Easy creation of multiple column from a large text area. Fusion Builder text blocks have just been updated! Separate a text pad and online contents into 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 columnes! It' great for blogs and pages by giving your contents a totally different look by dividing them right into text blocks of different width.

Connect with more than 400,000 satisfied Avada users! Awesome 5 font is now fully included in Avada! Proud to inform you that the Avada 5. And these new symbols are built into the design wherever you can use Font Awesome!. For you, this is an enormous increase in resources as we further develop and expand Avada.

Brickwork layouts for blogs, portfolios and galleries have an additional set-up that allows large pictures to be distributed simultaneously in vertical and horizontal 2×2 column formats. There are also new thresholds that give you flexible ways to manage how your brickwork looks. We have also added picture overwrites by the Medienbibliothek!

Every picture in your libary can be enforced in your brickwork layout as 1×1, 2×2, horizontal or vertical. You can change these preferences per picture in the section entitled Libraries. You can now select the Avada Tabs widget in either Classic or Classic design. Now you can select whether the displayed picture should show a rectangle, a circular arc or just the postal date.

Avada Axes Widget now allows you to create hidden motion for the pictures you place within Elevate, Zoom In, and Elevate Out. Avada AdServ now has a destination linking feature that lets you manage how your pictures or advertisements open. 5 Avada. Add 5 introduces many more new functions, choices and general enhancements.

The slider now has width and cushioning choices. Also, the left/right laysouts have been given choices for columns arrangement. The page wallpaper setting has all Fusion Page Optionen credentials and the external wallpaper setting in User Language User Language Editor can now be used for broad page widths and is now referred to as the "Page Background" setting.

The warning tag gets new topic and tag option to deactivate the "X" trig, text alignment and text transformation option. check list items gets new option for itemsize, separator and separator color in both theme items and items as well. We used to only allow overwriting sizes, now Posttitles and Posttitle Extra have all the typographic choices.

Avada's stunning plug-ins have been upgraded to the latest version and are constantly updating for our regular customers. All-new Avada 5. Update 5 carries on our 5-year history of developing invaluable functions, capabilities, and general enhancements from our unbelievable client list of over 435,000 customers.

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