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Divi, Avada and X themes. The Avada theme is what we personally used on our blog in the first few months. Find out how to easily create your WordPress website with the Avada theme!

Complimentary Updates & Support - Avada

Always offering free upgrades, Avada offers incredibly new functions and enhancements. With over 435,000 clients, our staff is constantly striving to add the functionality and enhancements our clients want. Our Avada update is always free for anyone who has bought a licence. Furthermore, we provide excellent 5-star technical assistance.

If you buy Avada, you get 6 month inclusive technical assistance with the ability to prolong it to 12 month. A well-encoded and well-designed design means nothing if you don't have a way to ensure its durability. Our extensive expert staff will be happy to help you find answers to your queries through our state-of-the-art technical assistance system.

Our own technical assistance centre with on-line documentations, knowledgebase and a convenient ticketing system allows you to interactively work with our expert staff to get the responses you need. We' re fully committed to Avada and our world!

Topic needs to be registered or activated to use demo import or updates - Envato Hosted

You may be asked to either enroll or enable the topic, based on the on-boarding expertise of your topic. Being part of the Envato Hosting Services, your Theme Licence is included in your current subscriptions and is used to administer your accounts and your theme forum downloading. Nearly always, your design does NOT need to be manually activated on Envato Hosting and should be fully operational.

When your design does not allow you to view demonstration contents or use certain functions without registering, it may be because the back-end enable is wasted. The most common way to do this is to use a rescue plug-in to restore your website. If you need to reactivate your design due to a page preset or similar and the reactivation is necessary for the installation of demonstrations or plug-ins, the designs in the following lists can be reactivated using the licence code on your themeforest. net page itself.

Topics of WPExplorer: In case your topic is not mentioned here, you need to get in touch with us to reactive the topic. Find your key: Your harbored topics are displayed under a section on harbored services. To enable it, copy and paste your theme ID into the Registry page of your theme in the theme options in your WordPress administrator.

Those access keys are only for your web site. If your design is not enabled by your design key, make sure it is not used on another website and try again, or call us for help.

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