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SupportĀ Guidelines & Guidelines Thank you for buying our MeForest branded software! The support of all our clients who have bought our software is very important to us and we try to offer the best possible support. This is because we want to secure our offerings, take good care of our visitors, and help them get the most out of Avada for their websites.

As part of our support policies, we will strive to support as efficiently and effectively as possible. On September 1, 2015, Envato launched fee-based support for all articles bought via ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. Here you will find our support policy for your products and how it affects you: Support for all products includes 6 month from date of order.

You have the opportunity to buy enhanced article support, which extends the article support timeframe to a total of 12 month from the date of your order. Article versions updated. Usability to offer article support. Bought before September 1, 2015? Every Avada BUYER who bought Avada before September 1, 2015 can still receive free support through our product ticketing system as long as we develop Avada.

When Avada is still under development and upgrades are available, you can get full support as long as you buy the theme before September 1, 2015 and have a registration key and check your set-up licence with our system. The ThemeForest system will not match ours if you buy before September 1, 2015, as this is something that is only set up in our own system.

As mentioned above, Envato enforces prepaid support, but before that it was not, which is why we are committed to continuing and supporting anyone who has purchased before the prepaid support started, who can help you with any customizations, modifications, or problems beyond our support area.

Installing the item. Specify your IP addresses under all circumstance. Modify the hosting executable to get full control over your install. They must allow unauthorized use. Enter your person-related data, e.g. complete name, location, etc. Plan a certain point in your life to support and use display share apps.

Make any warranties when deploying support. Accept accountability in the event of problems arising from attempts to support your work. Subscribe to non-disclosure terms to get your website up and running. There is a support staff of more than 10 people who answer the questions throughout the whole workday. It is strongly recommended that you contact us with your topic-related topics.

If, however, you do not find it convenient to share your website with our employees, we suggest that you hire a free-lance web designer with whom you can work in close cooperation to help with problems with your website. Our knowledge base, on-line documentations and videos already answer many support and tech question.

Join the Avada Facebook Group and get the most out of your Avada Facebook experience. There is an incredible customer base on the Avada Users Group on Facebook who help each other out. We do not offer support here, this is for users to interact with. Please also visit our Communities section, which is intended only for user-to-user contact and searches for past topics.

We do not offer any support within the forums, therefore you have to register a new supportcket. HelpScout is an email-based support system we offer. By researching the best way to handle our support requests and customer expectation more effectively and safely, we chose to move from a forum-based system to what we now have.

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