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Fix uses an image size generated by a theme for all images in the gallery. Gallery-element Gallery Item is new in Avada 5. 2 and can be used to quickly build an appealing and classy picture gallery on your website. The following will guide you through the different choices and adjustments for this item. Stage 1 - In the Fusion Builder, click the + item icon to open the elements listed.

Then you can use the Find toolbar in the top right of the screen to find the Gallery item. To open your WordPress Media Library, click the Select Pictures icon and click the pictures you want to include in your gallery. Next, set up the preferences that you want your gallery to look like.

You begin by selecting a layouts, a picture scale, a number of columns, and more. Notice: The default uses the default globally set value associated with this item in your Topic Option > Fusion Builder Elements section. Pictures in Gallery - illustrated as A. Allows you to load or choose pictures from the Libraries that appear in your gallery at the front end.

gallery layouts - Illustrated as B. Controls the gallery layouts used. Select between standard, grid or masonry. Screen Resize - Shown as C. Select Standard, Permanent, or Auto. Fix loads a theme-generated picture resize that is trimmed to a pre-defined fit. Allows you to have a consistent look even if your pictures are not the same height.

It uses the picture's original form and scales the picture according to its side relationship, and the picture is not crop. The number of column - displayed as D. Can be adjusted to a number from 1 - 6. Determines the maximum number of column your layouts can have.

NOTE: The brickwork does not work with 1 columns. Color Distance - Illustrates as E. Controls the color distance between each gallery picture. Illustrates as F. Determines the relationship to determine when an aspect becomes horizontal (ratio is width: height) and vertical (ratio is height: width).

NOTE: The value of "1. 0" is a specific case that uses the automatically generated relationships as in Avada 5.5 before. Brickwork 2x2 Width - Illustrates as G. This options determines when a 1x1 quadratic picture becomes 2x2. However, this does not include pictures that prefer landscaping or vertical formatting.

NOTE: For each picture in the WP-Media Library, there is a "MasonryImageLayout" option that allows you to adjust how an picture should look like (1x1, horizontal, vertical or 2x2), regardless of the initial aspect ration. Type of hover - Shown as H. Choose between Standard, None, Zoom in, Zoom out, Zoom out, or Boost.

Determines which type of motion control is used on the picture when hovering. Picture Box - Illustrates as I. Choose between Yes or No. This determines whether the pictures are shown in the Picture Box. The light box must be activated in the topic options, otherwise the picture opens automatically in the same tabs.

Light box content - displayed as J. Choose between Standard, Title, Title and Label or None. Every title and caption of each picture is taken from the picture itself in the WordPress media library. Galerie Border Size for Gallery Images - Illustrates as K. Specifies the margin of the gallery picture. Galerie image borders colour - Illustrates as L. Specifies the edge colour of the gallery picture.

Picture Gallery Image Boarder radius - Illustrated as M. Sets the edge of the gallery picture. Visibility item - displayed as N. Allows you to select which device should show the item. Select one or more options from Mobile, Tablet, or Tablet. Either of the 3 dimensions has a user-defined width on the Fusion Builder Item page in the Theme Options.

CSS Classic - Shown as O. Allows you to append a classic name to the enveloping HTML part. CSS ID - Displayed as U and allows you to append an ID to the enveloping HTML part.

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