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Instructions and tutorials to help you get started working with Avada. Documentation/avada documentation/ Get instant paid Avada Theme Support from our experts. FTP, please contact us as soon as possible and let us know that you need help reinstalling Fusion plugins.

Theme Avada Videotutorial - How to Create a WordPress Website

This Avada Theme tutorial will share videos on how to set up the Avada theme, how to adjust Avada theme preferences, and how to redesign a website from the ground up. You' ll be taught how to use the Fusion Page Builder plug-in that comes with the Avada theme and must be installed when you buy the Avada theme.

Make sure you bought Avada from Themeforest before you start, and you can use this hyperlink here to do so if you haven't done so. This is an affilate hyperlink that will help me make credit for my Themeforest accounts if you choose to use the hyperlink to buy your Avada theme. The first step in creating a new WordPress site is to choose your design.

I like to use the Avada WordPress theme from Themeforest for all the sites I create. WordPress Themeforest has a large variety of WordPress topics, both free and priced, but the number one downloadable Themeforest WordPress topic is Avada. This Avada Theme Topic Tutor starts with installing Avada.

You have to go to the My Account Preferences page in the Themeforest menubar. Click the Install WordPress File Only button and a zipped file will be downloaded to your computer containing all topic file in an easy-to-load directory. The next step is to go to your WordPress website dashboard and find the Look and Feel tabs.

Then click Topics, click New, click the Upload button, and then choose the Avada WordPress Theme zipped from your computer. Installation will begin and when complete, click Activate to make Avada your currently running WordPress theme. Check out the YouTube Avada installation guide I've included for you. When you have the Avada theme in place, you must enroll it by capturing a third parties Envato website preset password and inserting it into the field under the Avada Theme Setting Registry page.

Registration of your new design will take 30 seconds. Once you have registered your design, you will need to install the two necessary plugins: (1) Fusion Core and (2) Fusion Builder. It also lists extra plug-ins that are suggested for use with the Avada theme, but are not needed for downloading. And now you are ready to start customising your WordPress site with Avada theme preferences.

It is also possible to customize Avada to create your own template. When you choose to choose to import your demonstration theme, you can choose to either choose to export all pages, articles, pictures, preferences, etc., or select and select specific things you want to export rather than export. Take a look at part 2 of this Avada tutorial episode.

Once you have finished the installation, the design is registrated and all the plug-ins or demonstration templates you want to use are in place, the next stage is to start playing with the Fusion Builder plug-in. You' ll quickly learnt how to create customized WordPress pages from the ground up by using the container, column, and element that make up a Web page.

Take a look at this 30-minute Avadautorial, where I'll guide you through the Pagebuilder plugin if you want to take on the challenges of creating your own customized pages or make changes to legacy template installations. Overall, my assessment of the Avada WordPress theme is consistently positive. It' s a beginner-friendly design, I think, thanks to the demonstration template that you can download and copy quickly to your computer, professionally crafted sites that Avada has created for you.

Avada Theme developers have added so many functions to this theme that it should meet all your web designing needs. Spend a one-time $60 charge and use the theme over and over again on more than one website. And if you still don't know if the Avada WordPress theme is right for you, take a look at the demonstration and start playing with it using the links below.

It is free to test it first before you decide to buy. They help you intelligently set up your blogs, your community networks and your e-mail campaigns so you can see your results more quickly and make the most of others' mistakes to help you reduce your time: I' ll be sending you lots of advice and tutorials every week to help you set up your own blogs and your own on-line shop!

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