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Will this theme limit us to showing only horizontal images? Gallery-themes add-on - contains three stylish skins for your galleries. Repairing a damaged gallery and light box after upgrading to WooCommerce 3.0.

When you experience a broke gallery and your light box is lost after you upgrade to WooCommerce 3. Do you need a WooCommerce theme that simply works? Please help me that my WooCommerce light box doesn't work anymore! Before you upgrade to WooCommerce 3. If you have a 0, you previously had an WooCommerce preference -> Settings -> Products -> Display that looks like this.

Let's say for a second that you don't want to join the WooCommerce developer blogs (you should!) and let's say you haven't tested WooCommerce 3. All worked well on your website and then you went ahead and upgraded to WooCommerce 3. Zero on your WooCommerce website. As soon as you've upgraded to 3.0, the first thing you've probably realized is that your light box isn't working anymore and the pictures just open in your web browsers - similar to here.

Therefore, go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products -> Display and Rebound in dismay as you recognize that the checkbox activation feature is no longer available. What happened to the flashlight and why doesn't it work the way it did before the update to WooCommerce 3.0?

3. WooCommerce Zero has added some fairly awesome new functions specifically for your WooCommerce pictures, including..: Picture zooming / enlargement directly integrated in the kernel - no more third-party plug-ins required for zooming functions! Light box - brandnew and much enhanced picture on the old one. sliders - yip - no need for extended third-party plug-in for a beautiful slide bar for your photogallery.

This is quite a big change in the way WooCommerce presents pictures of products. In recent years, many third-party enhancements have become very much in demand to remedy the deficiencies in the WooCommerce area. The WooCommerce staff has therefore made the call not to activate the new gallery functions by standard.

To take advantage of these new functions, you must use a WooCommerce-compatible design that has specifically chosen to provide functionality for the new gallery functions. It also allows theme writers to select which new functionality they want to add, while retaining interoperability with their own theme functionality and/or interoperability with third-party WooCommerce Gallery and Mailbox enhancements.

The ability for theme writers to steer which new gallery functions are activated is intelligent and is the right call from the WooCommerce staff to minimise disruptions to WooCommerce sites with already established alternate products galers. However, the biggest disadvantage of this is that if your WooCommerce theme does not have its own gallery deployment and is based exclusively on the standard WooCommerce Flashlight, there is a good chance that your Flashlight no longer works.

This old light box was obsolete and taken off the side of the products. So, unless your theme writer has already added backing for the new 3.0 gallery functions that you are not trapped in any country of men without a working flashlight! And the good thing is that supporting the new 3.0 gallery functions is child's play!

When you use a theme that WooCommerce supports that is managed by a theme store or theme forest writer, my first suggestion is to get in contact with your theme writer and ask him to include WooCommerce 3. Zero Assistance as soon as possible. When you manage your own WooCommerce theme, all you have to do is append a few rows to your actions using them.

So if your design hasn't deactivated the main WooCommerce style, that should be all you need to do to use the new gallery. However, it is quite usual that topics that offer in-depth WooCommerce functionality deactivate the WooComerce kernel style, and therefore you need some extra CSS to make things look beautiful.

Below is a slightly different copy of the slightly updated WooCommerce Theme Storefront WooCommerce Theme. Attempt to add this to your theme styles. If you are managing your own theme, try to add this to your theme styles. Position: relatively; width: 25%; listing style: none; float: links; position: absolutely; top: Zero; Delight in your new gallery!

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