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mega Avada theme menu

The Avada has a built-in Mega Menu that can be activated on the Appearance > Menus tab for any first level menu item. Use of the Mega Menu The Avada has a built-in Mega Menu that can be activated on the Appearance > Menus page of any first level menu option. There can be 1-6 colums, spanning the entire page width, having user-defined width setting, displaying Widgets, having symbols or pictures next to menu and more. Below you will find information on how to create the Mega Menu.

For information on how to set up a normal menu, please see our Set up the menu here item. Stage 1 - Browse to the Appearance > Menus section of your Administrator side bar and click the'Create A New Menu' button to add a new menu or modify an old one.

Stage 2 - Only the first tier menu options have the Fusion Mega Menu on/off. In order to activate the Fusion Mega Menu, click the Avada Options icon, which opens the Avada Menu Preferences dialog shown in the first sample picture of this section. Stage 3 - Specify the'Mega Menu Number of Columns' which determines how many rows are shown.

Also enable the'Full Width Mega Menu' if you want your Mega Menu to include the full page width as specified in Avada > Theme Options > Layout > Site Width. For more information on the different width adjustments of the Mega Menu, click here. 4 - Each menu element can contain a Font Awesome symbol or a user-defined miniature picture along with the menu text.

Stage 5 - Second level menu points are displayed as column titles. In order to include a second level element within the mega menu, choose a user-defined shortcut on the menu on the left and click the "Add to menu" icon. In order to create a second level menu point, move the menu point below and to the right of the first level menu point.

Stage 6 - The third tier menu points are the smaller menu points in each of the columns. If you want to create a third tier menu element, simply redo the above steps and move the new menu element using your mouse and click the mouse below and to the right of the second tier menu element. Stage 7 - Second and third tier menu options can be mapped to a wide area.

Please be aware that the assignment of a specific menu option to a specific Widget will replace the menu option reference and only display the associated specific Windows Dynamics related functions. Find out how to build and edit your own customidgets. As soon as you have finished building a new Widget Area, go back to the WordPress Menu Edit Page and choose the name of the new widget area from the Mega Menu Widget Area drop-down box.

It is only available when the Fusion Mega Menu is selected for the Parent menu point. 8 - Once you have set up your menu, move down to the bottom of the page to the Menu Settings section. Select the "Main Navigation" box to set your new menu as the Hauptnavigation.

The main navigation only displays the Mega Menu. Stage 9 - When completed, click the "Save Menu" icon to store your changes to the menu.

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