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Preparation of your website No more than 25% of the world's people understand the importance of the British word even at the most bullish levels. However, three fourths of the populace are left out - many of them are web surfers who do not find your website or your contents very useful if they are only available in one languages. Luckily, it's not hard to configure your WordPress site to show your posted contents in more than one language. This article will introduce some methodologies that will allow you to provide your audience with multilingual contents and suggest some useful utilities and plug-ins. You have three main things to consider before you start your translating projects - the scale of your website, the amount of information you have on it, and your financial constraints.

More than a translator will pay for a bigger website. But if you have a limited budgetary, you can always choose automatic translating. In the best case, automatic translating is possible. However, automatic translating is still better than no translating at all. One whole'nother can of worm that you need to consider is the multilingual AEO.

When all this is done, you can choose a way to post your translation on your WordPress website. Using a WordPress plug-in is one of the easiest ways to administer your translations. There is no need to structure the contents under the bonnet.

The Polylang is a free WordPress plug-in that allows you to easily create and edit the contents of your website. Now you can easily compile the menu, pages, articles, tag and even widget of your website. Support ing translation of user-defined mail and RSS-feed. It uses WordPress packages that are refreshed instantly.

However, you have the possibility of using a professionally trained translator if you choose to do so. Right to Left scripting is fully supportable and you can choose to have as many multiple tongues as you want. WPML is a premier plug-in that allows you to compile anything from menu items to topic texts. WPML is the most widely used multilingual application in the entire WordPress world.

We have used it ourselves for multilingual websites and found that it does an outstanding job. What is more, we have used it for multilingual websites. There are a number of add-ons in the feature-rich plug-in from which you can select whether you want to include extended functions in your WordPress page. WPML plug-in is developed to run a fully featured multilingual website with a unique WordPress install.

What's special about this is that you can select from over 40 different tongues or even create your own. Another free WordPress plug-in, Google Translator, links to Google Translate for automatic translation of your posted contents. And if you just want to try the water, the Google Translator plug-in is enough to get you up and running.

The best thing about this plug-in is that it has many preferences and setup choices that you can play around with. Waylot Translate is a really beautiful hybride choice that lies right in the midst between the complex ities (and completeness) of something like WPML and the ease of a mechanical translator like Google Language Translator.

But the thing I really like about Weglot is that you can use Google Translate to compile your contents as a first editing and then do a manual editing to clean them up and make sure they read well. Waylot wants you to use their integrated translationservices ( which are certainly very good ), but you don't have to.

Weglot's only drawback is that the free trial period is very restricted and only allows monolingual transmission and a maximum of 2000 words. When you want more than one translated text for a respectable location, you need the business plans, starting at 199 Euro per year, plus extra charges if you choose to use Weglot's live translating team.

When you are used to WordPress Multi-site, you can also use each of the languages on your own WordPress installations. However, if you prefer to deploy it by hand, WordPress Multilingual Codex provides a detailed explanation of the fundamentals of the proces. Multi-Site Languages Switcher is a free tool that allows you to create multilingual contents in one WordPress Multi-Site application.

This plug-in allows the user to translate articles, pages, catagories, tag, custom taxonomy and user-defined mailtype. It works in conjunction with the WordPress MU domain mappings plug-in, which allows you to set up several locations (each with its own domain) on the same servers. At the front-end, your website visitor will see a switch that is shown on the web page when a translated version is available.

Multilingual Press Plug-in is an excellent option for website publishers who want to build a quick multilingual press distribution on a WordPress multi-site setup. It makes it simple for the user to run each locale in a subdomain and use a customized Widget to hyperlink to each site. The Multilingual Press provides support for 174 processable programming language versions.

It' s a light weight translator that also provides SEO-friendly web links and makes sure your websites will work even if you disable the plug-in. When you want to give your all when it comes to WordPress page translations, your best approach is to choose a WordPress topic that is suitable for you. The Avada is a high-quality, multilingual and RTL-enabled WordPress theme that comes with the . po and . mo file directly after unpacking.

Furthermore, it includes support for the WPML and Polylang plug-ins, making it even simpler to publish and publish your website contents. Furthermore, each WPML interface allows you to customize the configuration of your WPML preferences. With over 30 different foreign and localizations, Avada offers partial or complete translation from the beginning, among them German, EspaƱol, French, Dutch, Italian and more.

When you are on a small money, you should choose a free WordPress theme. It' s one such system, featuring a variety of choices and different styleways. The best thing about it is that it does support multilingual plug-ins like WPML and the translations are available from stock. Here we have discussed three ways to convert your WordPress page into any desired foreign text.

We' ve also reviewed the things you need to do before you start translating your website, and reviewed some of the best practice you should consider when moving to a multilingual website. When you are looking for a fast fix, a WordPress plug-in like Polylang or WPML is just right for you. If you have a WordPress Multisite install, you can choose Multisite Language Switcher or Multilingual Press.

A WordPress theme finished for translating (like Avada or Pinnacle) or a translating proxy on the boat is an outstanding way to get the most out of your work. What plug-ins do you use to compile your website?

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