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When you have excellent photos, let the pictures do the work - not the WordPress theme. 6 Best Picture Gallery Plugins for WordPress (2018) Do you make a living from pictures and photos? Instead, give your pictures the presentation they merit. And in the on-line environment, this is done through presentation in classy art gallery. Luckily, WordPress patrons are left with a lot of choices when it comes to gallery plug-ins - even the WordPress kernel has a certain amount of built-in functions for creating a gallery!

However, if you take your pictures seriously, this kernel function can have a very restricted feeling. Why should I agree to restrictions with dozens of gallery plug-ins, both free and paid? Just plug in one of the many plug-ins and off you go: you'll get more efficient, better-looking picture galeries that your users will like.

And because many of the plug-ins are full of fitting features, you can create customized galleries that can really improve your make. In order to help you make your choice, we have taken a closer look at the six most beloved WordPress gallery plug-ins on the shelves. If it'?s about the arts, the picture is everything.

Every painter or professional who is willing to pay knows that presenting is almost as important as the work itself - your pictures will be better captured if the compilation is well put together. Remember, when we take a look at the best gallery WordPress plug-ins that have been published so far.

When you are looking for a serious gallery plug-in, search no further than Envira Gallery. Envira Gallery is part of WPBeginner's plug-in collection and was created by the same people behind OptinMonster and Soliloquy - two of the best plug-ins in their category. In order to keep your website up and running at top speed, the plug-in is very light - an important prerequisite for viewing many pictures.

It is also fast reacting and ensures that your gallery is displayed perfectly on all equipment. The Envira Gallery has been designed with user-friendliness in mind. Envira Gallery has been designed to be easy to use. That means the plug-in is unbelievably easy to use: upload and add pictures to your gallery, a drag-and-drop user surface makes reordering a breeze, and with one click you can move your gallery between sites.

Like you would expect from a first -class gallery plug-in, there are also many ways to do it. At the beginning you can select the number of column and the distance between the pictures, and there are several breathtaking presets available as add-ons (we will come back to this shortly). Envira Gallery Kernplugin is available from just $19 - there is also a free Lite release to test the plug-in capabilities.

In order to make sure that the kernel plug-in stays light, it only provides the main functions. Gallery-Themes Add-on - contains three classy skin for your gallery. Tag Add-on - allows you to tag pictures in your gallery. The Pinterest Add-on - inserts a "Pin It" key to your pictures. Page Break Add-on - Increase your page break performance by dividing your gallery into several pages.

Dynamical add-on - allows quick creation of gallery with shortcuts. Gallery Add-on - allows you to divide your gallery into album.

Hypersize Add-on - displays full frame pictures. fullscreen add-on - view your gallery pictures in a light box. Depth-link add-on - create a clear unambiguous link for each picture in your gallery. Envira Gallery is the place to be if you are looking for a gallery plug-in encoded to the highest standard. It' also super-fast and produced some of the most classy art galleries in the world.

The FooGallery is a great free gallery plug-in developed by the FooBox people. FooGallery plug-in was designed to be enhanced by development engineers. With the available hook and filter, a developer can build his own extension, which will then be made available to the FooGallery-user. Due to the fact that the plug-in is scalable and extensible, the kernel plug-in remains easy - this is good news for the website performance.

And now to the important part: the arteries themselves. By default, the gallery template support for five different gallery types is provided by default, with more available through the installation of enhancements. Those originals include many adjustment items, among them mini picture sizes, borders, picture caps, picture orientation, frame colors, and overlay. So you can build a gallery that fits your website very well.

FooGallery plug-in is really simple to use, also thanks to a number of important functions - a draft and fall gallery creator, NextGen importers, user-defined gallery mail type and gallery link. In order to give you an impression of the FooGallery enhancements, here are some of my favorites: Do you want to link to ThirstyAffiliates? Click here to see your gallery pictures?

FavorBox - use the FavorBox lighting box plug-in with Favor Gallery. GOOM - zooms in on your gallery. Individual brand-ing - create your own brand-ing for your gallery. FooGallery is one of the best as far as free plugins are concerned. The next is another premier plugin: Adjusted picture grid. Justified Image Grid is the best-selling gallery plug-in on CodeCanyon and is available for only $28. 12,000 copies have been delivered to date.

Well, many gallery plug-ins use static page proportions. Unwanted, your pictures are automatically trimmed to make them match. This is simply not a suitable solution for many professional photographs. The Justified image grid resolves this issue by using the initial size relationship of an existing picture - in other words, it shrinks an picture instead of trimming it.

jQuery achieves this by aligning your pictures on the screen so that they are always in style. In this way, you can show your miniatures in all their splendour, but more to the point, it creates a more eye-catching picture gallery - one of the many strengths of Justified Image Grid. It goes on, the plug-in also assists the adaptation in abundance.

It' also extremely flexible and allows you to drag and drop your pictures directly from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Imgur, Tumblr and Imgur. And if you want to enhance your title page browsing, you can use the Justified image grid to make nice picture rasters from the presented pictures of your contributions. Visitors who click on one of the pictures will be redirected to the corresponding article.

That makes it an interesting alternativ to a presented mail picture slide. I have added the NextGEN Gallery plug-in to this mailing as it is the most frequently down-loaded gallery plug-in of all times, with over 13 million down-loads so far. Actually, these ASTRONOMIC numbers make it one of the most frequently down-loaded plug-ins of all times.

In spite of the high download volumes, the feed-back for the plug-in stays miscellaneous. It has a total score of 3.1 and almost as many classifications as five-star ones. The NextGen Gallery must have some advantages for million of visitors, right? The NextGEN Gallery of course has some neat functions.

Among them are a fully appealing look, paged arteries, six built-in light boxes, album and slide show arteries. The focus on default miniature view galeries also incorporates some great user-friendly functions. You can upload pictures as a zipped archive, link pictures to pages, and edit the tag and image data. When you want to secure your pictures, you can also watermark your pictures with the plug-in.

And to make sure your miniature views are trimmed properly, you can select between mass bleed / resize and manual crop of single frames. I found the possibilities of customizing such a favorite plug-in rather restricted and the creation of your gallery was quite cumbersome - there is no drag-and-drop user for rearranging your pictures, which is quite annoying.

And if you like the free NextGen Gallery edition, two free edition plugins are also available. The Awesome Gallery is calculated as a three-in-one gallery plug-in. There are three different gallery styles: classical lattice, lateral flux and lateral flux (screenshot below). This is because there is a tendency for currents to fit horizontally into landscapes, while currents vertically into portraits.

Designers realize that performance is a major issue for website users, especially if you display many serious items such as pictures. So, the plug-in uses rotten load and TimThumb picture canning, and the plug-in can be readily embedded into the CDN. Return to the gallery, and Awesome Gallery produced some extraordinarily stylistic results.

These include ten gallery lifestyles, adjustable frames, shadow and overlay, limitless color, customized filter, three built-in light boxes, and the option of Google captioning. You can also get pictures directly from Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, WordPress Mediathek, WooCommerce producs and ShopPix for ease of use - this simple procurement is a huge time-saver.

In addition, the plug-in is fully reactive, retina-capable and has a practical integrated user interface. More than 250,000 hits make the Huge-IT Image Gallery a favorite plug-in in its own right, although it is far from being close to the NextGEN Gallery for download. Hoge-IT Image Gallery can look forward to a more respectful 4. Actually the plug-in is very flexible and supports miniature view galeries, light box galeries and brickwork styled galeries (see screenshots below).

You can also use the plug-in for imagesliders, contentsliders and popups. And you can even add video to your gallery next to your pictures without a hitch. I think the Gallery is very classy and offers you the ideal place to present your pictures. Users can switch between the gallery pictures by pressing the forward and backward buttons.

This plug-in also provides support for labels, tag ging and shortcuts and reacts completely. However, the free part of the plug-in is relatively unoriented towards the customisation possibilities reserved for the free part. However, the free edition is still able to produce nice, easy galeries. When you want to make the ideal plattform for your pictures, the presentation in a classy gallery is the right way.

So if you want to create nice picture galeries for your WordPress website, the six plugs in today's article are an great starting point. The six plug-ins all differ in user interfaces, functions and customizability, but the end results are always the same: fully functioning, elegant looking arteries.

Every one of the plug-ins presented today has a lived demonstration - take each one for a spin and then choose the one that best suits your individual needs! Did you use one of those gallery plug-ins? What do you think is best? is a UK based free-lance blogsman, with a penchant for blogging, business management, e-commerce, content management and all things WordPress.

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