Avada Theme Problems

Issue problems in Avada

In Avada, menu is not displayed in topics? Could you help these guys? In Avada, menu is not displayed in topics? Fixed an issue where we tried to get in touch with Avada technical staff. burn couldn't find a way to simply email this to them.

If you have not yet done so, please consider asking the authors of your topic this before. The entire topic related technical assistance is provided through the Avada Technical Assistance Centre, please find the following link.

Visit this Supports page to learn more about the scope of Avada's Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme that you can buy from ThemeForest. Apparently it costs a lot of cash to get in touch with Avada technical staff. We want to tell you about a problem and don't like to charge you to do so.

However, this does not seem to be an error related to the response of the user, it definitely shows those items. You probably have not allocated an official name. Navigate to the Menue Area and make sure that you have set up a menue and mapped it to the Home Page or wherever you expect it to appear, Avada provides multiple items, even each page can have different Menus if you want, but you would have to customize these items, by default it will appear the same throughout the theme.

No reports from our technical assistance centre that this is a problem, so please review any third-party customization or plug-ins. People, in general, objective is a great topic that I've never had to ask for help with... on the frontend or backing end. Plugin inclusion seems quite awesome and it's clear why this is such a favorite topic.

However, what I have always had with a solution since the purchase is an error that I could never have reported before the help kit expired. There is no issue in my case with the css of my Safari, Firefox or Chrome submenus. But the distance between the items in the Explorer is a total mess and makes my website look like shit.

Given that most experts in my sector use Explorer to perform due-diligence audits (I am in the financial sector, not the arts ), this is a major issue and a cause of disappointment given the number of working days I have spent on the solution. Unfortunately, with error reports only available to paid subscription supporters (regardless of whether you've ever submitted a issue or whether you need assistance at all), it looks as if this will still go through the cracks. What's more, you'll be able to get the most out of your subscription.

Completing all communication with clients to notify the bugs of the developers is in my view a horrible exercise, and it will be my last buy in this eco-system.

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