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When you use the Avada WordPress theme, you might be interested in how you can improve the Avada SEO. Skip to Is Avada theme good for SEO? The Avada is more than just a theme, it's a powerful design tool. So, after installing the Avada theme, did you install sliders on the home page? When you have done this, it can have a negative impact on the SEO.

What can be done to enhance Avada SEO?

When you use the Avada WordPress theme, you might be interested in how you can enhance the Avada SEO. The bestselling WordPress theme on Envato, Avada has sold over 300,000 copies and generated revenue in the million range. Having used it for six month, I found a few ways to enhance On-Page SEO and rank in SERPs.

What can be done to enhance Avada SEO? SEO is the name of the game. It is the way to make your site as popular as possible for Google, Bing and Yahoo so that they can get your site listed. So the better you have SEO, the higher your pages will be ranked in these popular web sites, which means more visitors to your site.

The use of a WordPress theme like Avada means that you get a working website within a few moments. However, in order to enhance your SEO, there are a number of technologies that you can use to get your website into the top ranks. Several of these technologies include changing the theme of Avada - but don't be afraid, it's nothing too dramatic.

Heading tag are some of the most important tag you can use for On-Page SEO. We recommend that you always use H1 tag for your page header and H2 tag for your subheadings. Here Google searches for your most important catchwords and defines the relevance of your page. Unfortunately, they use H2 tag as their primary tag for most demos/themes shipped with Avada.

If we want to make a difference, we have to immerse ourselves in the theme codes and make a new one. In order to switch the Avada page header tag from H2 to H1, we need to edit the file: wp-content/themes/Avada/Single. Search for the following line in php: That is the Avada feature with which you can analyze securities.

The reason for this is that the style sheet Avada creates is H2 tagged, so you must either copy the H2 CSS file or you must include your own H1SS file. This can be done in the Avada Custom area. Not only for Avada WordPress Theme, but for all WordPress pages!

A number of SEO plug-ins are available that you can download and installed on your WordPress page to enhance your SEO for you. This plugin helps you to manage SEO features such as managing keywords, managing keywords densities, front page length and general posting formats. This will help make your reviews more attractive to your site's key users and give you more rankings for your site.

I will suggest using the Yoaast SEO plug-in. Whilst Avada is quite good for SEO on its own, with the Yast SEO plug-in that powers it, it becomes a powerful tool for Google rankings. I' ve been using this plug-in for many years and it comes with a wealth of functions that will help enhance your WordPress page.

Best part of yoast SEO is the fact that it will enhance your own WordPress typing abilities. Using SEO, it reviews your contribution as you write it and gives you hints and tricks to help format your letter and make sure you get the most out of the contents of your page.

You can also use your site to create XML sitemaps that are useful for Google, Yahoo and Bing to index your site's contents. You can use the Seo plugin for free on your Avada theme, but there is also a premium release that you may want to consider in the near term.

The other SEO plugs that are good choices are All in One SEO plugs. It' s very similar to Yoast in functionality and I would definitely not complain about you using it instead. The All In One SEO plug-in also has a premium upgrading capability that unlocks some of the deeper functionality it has to provide.

Please note that this article is not an SEO plugin compare, so the choice of one of the two plugins is good for your Avada WordPress theme. Google uses one of the rankings for SERPs is page velocity. Not only Google, but also your visitors will appreciate how quickly a page is loaded. At a time when we are used to getting everything right away, it can be unbearable for some user to spend 5 seconds waiting for your WordPress page to download.

The Avada offers a variety of demonstrations and theme choices. The use of this utility can really help you understanding how Google sees your site from the point of view of the searching machine. In detail, it will explain the various page items that can affect the performance of your page and the effects it has on Google ranking searches.

Watch the movie below to find out more about PageSpeed from Google. WordPress site is created with PHP, so every times your WordPress site is uploaded, it is render by the PHP web site compile er, making requests to your web site data base and doing a lot of intense work behind the scene to present your WordPress page to you.

With a free WordPress plug-in like the WP Super Cache, pages are renders only once every few lessons (or how long you specify) and a basic HTML stat of the page is provided. Every page has its own time stamp, so the plug-in knows when it is out of date.

Like already said, you can deploy this feature with a plug-in like the WP Super Cache in Avada. Refreshing your WordPress page can be very annoying. During the last months I have upgraded the site's plug-ins, designs and kernel data no less than thirtyfold. What's wrong with not upgrading your design is that it can:

The current Avada upgrade to v5. It provides a hotfix for the topic, e.g. if there is a problem with the portfolio tag or if you need to refresh the page builders tree. The only thing you need to do to get these fixes applied is just click a shortcut and refresh the design.

Throwing a glance at your page, a searchengine checks the HTML of your page forectivity. When it finds defective tag, defective link or missed tag, it will be scored against you when it comes up against other websites. Normally Avada is very good at fixing bugs for quick responding people.

All you have to do is review your WordPress Dashboard and keep it up to date. This also applies to your WordPress plugins. Keep them up to date is equally important as their features can cause problems with your Avada WordPress theme. Wordfence Security is a good plug-in.

Each day, this plug-in sends you e-mail alerts about plugins/topics that need to be refreshed. The tip is not very well known, but searching machines not only look at the text in a posting, they also look at the name of the pictures in your submission. Designating your pictures with SEO-relevant catchwords can help to improve your ranking in SEO.

This can even help to include your contents in Google Image, which can be another way of attracting visitors to your website. If you use the Media Manager in WordPress, you can add the Image Title and Alt attribute. They are the ones that look at your site's links to find out the meaning of pictures.

Eventually, you can search under the bonnet of the Avada theme file and modify some of the HTML tag, link, image and other items to enhance your SEO. Each of these directories refers to how your topic is presented to your audience. If you make user-defined changes, you may have problems upgrading the theme in the near term.

So, what other ways are there to enhance search engine optimization by changing the Avada theme file directly? Some of the advantages of being able to change the source directly are listed below. Obviously this is not suitable for everyone as it will require skills in WordPress API, PHP and HTML. A lot of faulty hyperlinks on your website can have a detrimental effect on your SEO and your overall usability experiences.

Installing a Avada demonstration will generate many different demonstration posts and pages for you. The deletion is okay, but there may be tracks of these corrupted postings and pages in the layout of your site. They can be found with WordPress plugins or Google Webmaster Tools.

In order to use Google Webmaster Tools, you need to sign in and create your own website. The review may take a few days to complete, but once you're done, you can browse to your site's Find panel. Here are some plugs that can help you find lost link(s) on your website. This plugin is named Link Checker; it searches all your postings, pages, user-defined boxes, commentaries etc. for defective link files.

There' s no question that Avada is one of the most potent WordPress themes on the market. Adding the changes above may also be good for Google rankings. Avada WordPress Theme is available for sale on ThemeForest. When you have a limited money available, look for an Avada rebate that can dramatically lower the cost.

Have you any hints for enhancing SEO on the Avada WordPress theme, you're welcome to share them below for others!

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