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Timeline of the contents dialog window The last element has the line that continues under the symbol - how can I make it the last element so it doesn't have the line under it? Have you ever been able to fix this? I' m asking myself the same thing. Your voice..

. Thank you for your voice!


Could someone tell me how I can get the timeline on Avada? Thank you and I also need a lot more help with this new topic hoping you blokes will help me out. I' ve made a new page and added a speed dial of the last postings and chosen a categorie.

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Express Timeline

Fill your website with notifications, enter the date and Timeline express will download the latest and biggest notifications in the correct order. You can use the supplied short code ([timeline-express]) to place the Timeline Express Timeline anywhere on your website. Reactive time lines that look good on all equipment. Awesome Font icon includes hundred of them.

Enter a different symbol for each greeting. Enter a user-defined picture to be displayed for each greeting on the Timeline. Set the order in which you want notifications to appear on the Timeline.

Set up several time axes and allocate notifications to one or all time axes. Closer layouts, less space between individual notifications on the timeline. Easily categorize your notifications. Functions for organizing the timeline. Organize time axes by category, time axis, or a combo of both. The Timeline Express has been used successfully on a number of small and large websites.

The Timeline Express was used for creation: Below is a small overview of the Timeline Express features and performance. In our dokumentation you will find some useful excerpts of our codes. We have developed some high-performance add-ons that expand Timeline Express beyond its main features. The Timeline Express is available for now! In case you are multilingual and interested in having the plug-in translated into one of the unavailable tongues, we are willing to purchase a long single-user Timeline Express Pro licence valid for one year.

You can find the Timeline Express multilingual product here. The Timeline Express has been thoroughly benchmarked with some of the best evaluated and most widely used translations plug-ins. The Timeline Express can be interoperable with other multilingual plug-ins, we just haven't thoroughly tried it with others. Do you have an inspiration for a function you want to see added to Timeline Express?

Please feel free to get in touch with us via the WP Timeline Express enquiry page on our website. Now, you can use the user-defined notification picture instead of the great fonts symbols by using the following one. The Timeline Express by default creates a user-defined picture that can be used within the Timeline.

To use a different picture sizes, you can use the following filters. It allows better controll of the greetings and the frontend screen.

The use of this check mark in combination with a user-defined greeting templates gives you the most complete controls. Example:'name' => __('Example Text Field','timeline-express' ),'desc' => __('this is an example here to define a text box.

Time axis Express'), ',' × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × ×,

Add_filter ('timeline_express_custom_fields','add_custom_timeline_express_field'); This example would create 3 new boxes below the box'Announcement Image' in the notification mail.

With the provided timeline expression plug filters, user can now create their own slot for announcements. As a result, the announcing URI will change its layout, possibly for the purpose of sending SEOs. You' d type the following in your current theme features. Php files. Once you have entered the source of your permalink source text into the function directory. pdf you should update your permalink.

modify'/announcement/' so that it is'/event/' $slug ='event'; and × returns $slug; add_filter('timeline-express-slug','timeline_express_change_announcement_slug' ); this example would set the defaults /announcement/slug to /event/. User can now modify the text of the'Read More' pushbutton with the provided get-text filters and the text domain'timeline-express'.

User can now associate user-defined categories with the Announce More key. That gives you better oversight when adjusting the timeline to your current design. custom-class-name'; add_filter('timeline-express-read-more-class','timeline_express_custom_readmore_class'); This example would put the following'Read More' HTML on the page: New in 1.0.

A - M - Monthly text, three characters Jan to Dec. By default, all individual greetings attempt to download a separate phone book templates filename. In case that cannot be found, we have done our best to create a templates for you. There are two ways to do this if you are dissatisfied with the templates you have.

The first possibility is to copy the individual notification templates folder included in the plug-in into the roots of your current topics. As a result, the plug-in loads this filename instead. Then you can modify this data to your liking without worrying about loosing any of your changes in the next one.

The next thing you want to do is use our new filters to load your own customized templates now. If, for some reasons, you have created or created your own single.php files that you would rather use, or if you just want to use your topic page. Instead, you can use the provided mask to modify the uploaded templates.

As an alternative, if the bold typeface is not found - the clustered fallback (version 4.6.1) is used.

In the notification pedestal, append the year of the classification indicator if you define Timeline _EXpress_YEAR_ICONS and it is valid. Optimize the heights of the thumbnails of the administrator tables. Now, the Fantastic fonts are first downloaded local, user can overwrite them to download from CDN. Individual styles now come to take over the current theme to avoid odd styles when a theme does not fully understand the individual timeline layouts.

User can specify the constants to activate inheritance template by defining constants such as: define( 'TIMELINE_EXPRESS_LEGACY_SINGLE_TEMPLATE', true);. The Timeline Express Café is emptied when using sqtranslate to make sure that translation is loaded correctly. The Announcement Image box caption has been upgraded to Announcement Banner, and the Timeline Animation deactivation on a page-by-page base has been filtered as needed.

Filters to deactivate the scrolling of the jQuery page if a web page is hashed ( e.g.: http://www.example.com/#announcement-title). Fixed: Timeline Express Classnames. The " year " symbols on the timeline have been refreshed and do not indicate the correct year. PHP revision checking has been moved to avoid downloading track files on PHP revisions older than 5.6.

Timeline Express - Popups Add-On added to the Add-Ons page. Moved the parameter: Filters are moved by an amount that makes the parameter reference in several places. Refresh the add-on picture pathname of the twittereed. The fantastic standard fonts have been upgraded to 4.7.0.

Integrated help for the TwentySeventeen theme in the page wrappers template. The third timeline express-after-timeline filtering paramater has been changed to pass the request item instead of the number of ->found_posts. However, the picture will not be cut to the appropriate sizes and will retain its initial dimension. Revises the styling. bss files, for legibility and concision (removes surplus declaration etc.).

The HTML unwrapper for the notification date was changed from a to a day. Refreshes the readyme. text files. Add added lack of locale fonts, great symbols. Specify a new constants to store great fonts ( define('TIMELINE_EXPRESS_FONT_AWESOME_LOCAL', true); - added to theme features. Php loads great fonts symbols instead of fonts replacing older ones (Awesome CDN).

All advertising artwork was shifted into a unique artwork and provided via an artwork group. Grunt. update ys files with new features. Generation of an RTL CCss files for Admin/Frontend. Corrected a problem where "Years" were not displayed correctly when using tree line_express_year_icons. Twice the distance between our assistants. Phil files for easy read.

New WPML configuration files added (Now 100% WPML compatible!). Small changes to the templates engines. Introduction of a new templated page wrapper to facilitate the development of the templated page wrapper (no need for further operator intervention on most topics). Individual notification templates have been added. Prepared for mail style add-on (revised section, includes templates inclusions).

If no notification date is specified, put a fallback date (current time) on the notification container class. Updated crash avoidance between notification boxes. Added parameter again that have been deleted from the user-defined mail types of the notification. Corrected a bizarre redirection when watching a greeting on the frontend, where'Exclude greetings from location search' was changed to ' true'.

Prefixed notifications are displayed in the Location Finder preference. Delete unused, old contents filtering functions. Complete customization of the new individual notification pattern is possible.

What can I do to customise the individual notification templates? Fixed problem with filtered contents - some topics do not display the contents of individual messages correctly. Old condition deleted, which did not work for some topics due to prioritization. Individual notifications are now uploaded via a user-defined preset (single.timeline-express. php which can be overwritten by simply pasting it into a 'timeline-express' directory).

Individual Announcements pages may not work with ALL topics and may need to be modified (we have done our best). A new auxiliary feature has been added to allow loading the individual notification submissions. Optimize the style of the individual notification models for the frontend. Updated conditioned, dynamically changing side bar for individual notification layouts. Setting up frontend front-end content creation processes (page content creation to allow different time lines on different pages).

Correctly configured flower rewrite rule to flower when needed (save page with short code on it, save setting, create/update greeting). The frontend style has been slightly optimized to increase cross-theme consistent. Updated optionally speed dial parameter limitation (integer that limits the number of messages to be displayed), indication ('Future', 'Past' or 'All' to specify which messages are displayed on the timeline) and sorting ('DESC' or 'ASC' to specify the order of the timeline).

Made sure that the right release (and relapse) of font awesome was used on both the front end and back end. Improved 4.3 fonts libraries. Add a fall-back for the fonts awesome libary - if the CDN is not available for some reasons. CDN replies to transients added to shorten page loading time.

Contained a new filtering that allows the user to specify a fantastic release number for the typeface to be loaded from the CDN (Timeline_express_font_awesome_version - see other notes.). Packed date of a unique notification style in the Timeline_express_custom_date_format Filter so that the user can change the date and time in the Timeline. Corrected a problem where timeline symbols were not saved correctly and the return on the frontend was empty.

Corrected a 404 problem with posting announcements where "Include announcements in website search" was wrong. A new filter ( timeline_express_custom_fields) was added that allows a user to specify their own user-defined field that they can use for the timeline announcements (see readingme for example). All problems that call for an immediate answer or a customized key should be covered by a technical assistance licence.

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