Avada Theme Version History

Theme Avada Version History

What's new in 5.4 - Avada 5 Avada. 5 Avada. Our Christmas present to you, our pledge to keep Avada added value, is 4. We have also added 3 new professional looking demo files that can be imported and used immediately.

Purchase your copy of Avada today! Thanks to our over 435,000 stunning clients who make this unbelievable trip possible!

We' ve added Avada 3 favorite plug-ins from renowned software engineers to increase your creative power, effectiveness and production. With ACF PRO, Convert Plus & Fusion White Label Branding. It is the PRO version of the very beloved ACF plug-in that lets you take full command of your WordPress editing screen and user-defined fields.

PRO version offers your website even more advanced features that include reproducible pads, page layout, easy to use gallery, customization pages and re-usable panels! Known as the world's easiest pop-up plug-in, Convert Plus allows you to create more subscription and revenue transformations using pop-ups, headers and footers, insertion templates, sidebars widgets, online templates, pop-up s, live A/B tests, and more!

We' ve developed this definitive in-house brand-name toolset with unbelievable performance that allows you to make it your design, your builders, your WordPress administration and log-in pages. It adds this added value over the already bundled Fusion Builders, Fusion Core, Revolution Slider and Layer Slider. With Avada, you get a full website construction kit that gives novices and pros everything they need to create amazing sites, drive revenue and drive increased visitor numbers.

Professional demonstrations to help you reduce your time and effort. We have added 3 new professional demonstrations that not only give you a quick introduction to how to build your website, but also give you extra inspiration to increase your creative power and effectiveness. Completely customize the demonstration to be imported, or select only certain parts such as theme items or pages, or use our industry-leading Fusion Builder to customize individual pages from each demonstration in our libraries.

The Avada Promote is a general promotional demonstration with a contemporary look that features large, fat text, pretty pictures and neat, clear layout. It uses a fantastic layer slider along with our new 100% high, fully scrollable section. The Avada launches a beautifully contemporary look with a "coming soon" look demonstration to show your audience awaiting the release of your website or your work.

ANY MORE HIGH VALUE DEMO ALWAYS ON THE WAY! We' re expanding our high-value demo collection, and we have many more demonstrations currently working on upcoming theme upgrades that are free for anyone who has bought Avada! Thanks a lot for an unbelievable trip for over 5 wonderful years & many more to come!

Our mission is to continue our heritage of developing invaluable functions, capabilities, and overall enhancements from our unbelievable client list of over 435,000 customers.

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