Avada Tutorial

Aveda Tutorial

Avada themed tutorial - Find out how to build a website. Watch this tutorial and I'll show you how to build a nice, professionally designed website with the Avada theming. I' ve got my shop here in Maassluis. I' m making videosites and photos and I' ll build a website about it and show you how to do the same for your company with it.

I' m gonna show you how to do this little by little. They can be filtered so that you can only select photograph or video. There are so many things you can do with the Avada themed. I' ll show you the same pages that were created with the Avada themed.

Everybody with one topic. Most anything you can do with this one subject. In the Avada subject, everything is really simple, so let's get to work! In my opinion, it is reasonable to give you an outline of what we are going to do in this tutorial. First, we need aomainname.

Which is a Domainname? Domainname is a web adress, something like a Facebook, com or Microsoft, com or apple.com. Domainname cost about $12 - a year. Second thing we need is webcasting. Web Hosts What is Web Hosts? webhosting will cost about $10 a month. That'?s a monthly fee.

Third thing we need is to have WordPress installed. WorldPress is free. Some really big companies in the whole wide web create their websites with WordPress. The Avada issue is what we need. I' ve just given you an outline of what the subject is capable of. This is where we can get our host.

The Hostgator is a really neat web host. To get the webhosting, click here on Webhosting. Then we can pick a schedule. Hatch pattern, babysitter pattern and buisness pattern. It'?s a big enough biz planner to be forgotten. There is a choice between the slip schedule and the babysitting schedule.

With the Hatchchling-Plan, you can have a unique top level website and with the Baby-Plan, you can have infinite top level sites. So, if you only want to create one website, you can select the hatching map, and if you want to create more than one website, you can select the Bahby map.

so I' ll begin with the knitting schedule. Now we need a domainname. When I select "Facebook" and hit return, it says "it's not available", but when I say "ferdykorp" and hit return, I see that it's available. You can also use . clubs, . co, but I only select the . com only.

What's that? What's that? Hatchling game. I' m voting for a months. Well, I can call it off any given day of the year. So 71 13 bucks for the domainname for a year and $ 8. 67 for the first months of slipfhosting. This is not pricey for a single dollar name and a whole months of web space. As you can see, the host itself is only 1 penny for the moment.

There I can chose between Paypal and my Cards. I' m choosing my plastic for the moment. I''Commencez avec WordPress dès aujourd'hui'', c'est aussi l'occasion d'installer WordPress. Plus I can get WordPress installed over here. Now I can chose ferdykorp.com and if I want to have it installed on a certain location like ferdykorp.com/new/ I can enter 'new' here.

I would like to download and use WordPress. The installation is completed. The reason for this is that it can take up to 20 min. for the domainname to become activated. I' ll show you through this movie how you can create a nice website with the Avada themme. You have to buy the design.

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