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This can be done manually via the native Twitter widget or via a plugin. So, as you can see in the name of the subject, I have a problem with the Twitter widget in Avada. I'm using the Twitter widget in the footer.

Twitter Widget

PLEASE NOTE: The'Twitter Preconfigured Style' of the Twitter widget is obsolete due to the last Twitter fix. It will be deleted in the next release up-dates. You can use the Twitter widget in any sidebar, widget area, or widget speed dial. Twitter widget is available in 3 styles: Twitter Preconfigured Style (Deprecated), Twitter style and Avadayle.

Every single one has its own set up statements and choices. Read below to find out more about the new Twitter widget and available stores. Preconfigured Twitter Styles - This is outdated and will be deleted in the next release up-dates. It only works if you have already made a Twitter widget using the old Twitter widget configurator.

Tweet Styles - This styles imports only your Twitter tiles. In order to tailor your Twitter widget, you need to specify the different styles of Twitter. This is the classical Avadayle. Then you will be prompted to input some keys and access tags. PLEASE NOTE: The'Twitter Preconfigured Style' checkbox is obsolete and will be cleared in the next release update.

Specifically designed for Twitter's old Widget Configurator page. It has now been superseded by the Twitter Publish page. However, you can still use this stile if you have already made a widget on the old Twitter widgets configurator page. Stage 1 - Log in to your Twitterccount. Then click on your avatar and choose the "Settings" page.

2 - Go to the Widget page on the right side. This is a listing of the old Widget that you made with the Twitter Widget Configurator page. Choose the one you want to use and click the "Edit" tool. Stage 3 - Customize the configuration option to your needs.

Also you can find your Twitter Widget ID in the page address. 4 - Go to the Appearance page > Widget in your WP Admin Sidebar and insert a new Twitter widget into your chosen Widget Area. Stage 5 - Choose Twitter Preconfigured Style in the'Widget Style' box and type the Twitter Widget ID in the appropriate area.

Stage 7 - When complete, click on " Store ". First go to https://twitter. com/settings/widgets/new/user and log in with your Twitterccount. 1 - Browse to the Appearance > Widget page in the WP Admin Sidebar. Stage 2 - Insert a new Twitter widget into the widget area you selected.

3 - In the Widget Style options, choose Twitter Style. Stage 4 - Type your Twitter username in the box provided and then customise the design of the widget to your liking. 5 - When completed, click on " Store ". Stage 1 - Go to https://apps.twitter. com/ and log in with your Twitterccount.

Stage 2 - Once you are registered, click the New App Creation Buttons. Stage 3 - Fill in the necessary boxes. Stage 4 - Don't miss to select the "Yes, I agree" box in the Developer Agreement dialog. Click on the'Create Your Twitter Application' icon. 5 - In the upper section, click the Keys and Access Marks tabs.

Stage 6 - Copy each of these elements along with your Twitter user name to the appropriate boxes in the Twitter widget on the Appearance > Widgets page. Stage 7 - When complete, click on " Store ". The reason for this is the Twitter or Twitter or Twitter is cached.

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