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Error when updating Avada: Update Avada from older releases An important way to keep your WordPress topic and plug-ins up to date is for safety reasons.... If you keep your site up to date, you can be sure that you have the latest safety locks and that your site is following the latest available safety efforts.

When you are behind with an update or take over a new product that has not been upgraded in a while, this article will help you upgrade older Avada releases to the latest release.

Make sure that you perform a full site and data base back up before performing any updates. This ensures that you can return to a workpoint on your website if something unforeseen happens. so that the update/theme installation can be completed smoothly. for more information. If you are upgrading from old Avada releases, we suggest a graded update pathway.

In the following, we will lead you through one big topic update after another. There is a shortcut at the end of each section to downloading any topic versions needed for the update pathway. In our comprehensive archives with important update information you will find important information about all upgrades between your latest release and the latest one.

Suggested update path: 3.9 Avada. If you are at 3.9. Avenada 4.0. If you are at 4.0. No matter what Avada release you currently have, whether it is before Avada 3 or not. Your first phase of the update should be 4. Click here for information about what's new in this themes area!

This is important information if you have not yet read the Pre Update Tips section above. When upgrading from an Avada before Avada 3. and you have customized style sheet, you will need to verify your customized style sheet after the update due to a style sheet reformer in Avada 3.8.

Due to the re-factor, your user-defined styles may also need to be upgraded to conform to the new styles used in Avada. Unless you have customization or user-defined style sheets in your design, the update is to 3.9. Please read our guideline here for standards update information. Hint: Because you will be upgrading with Avada 3.9.

Once the update is complete, empty your entire web site to see if everything is working fine. As this is an older Avada release, it is strongly advised that you have deactivated your plug-ins other than the Fusion Core plug-ins while trying your website. The purpose of this is to make sure that any problems you see are not related to a plug-in dispute.

Its main objective is simply to make sure that the design of the topic is as it should be, and then move on to the next update. PLEASE NOTE: Before editing this update, be sure to perform a full site and data base back up. This ensures that you can return to a workpoint on your website if something unforeseen happens.

In order to ensure that the theme options migrations are completed properly, you should review your Avada system status page and raise any limit that displays a warning message in blue (with the possible exceptions of maximum input_vars, as this does not affect the migration). Here you will find information about how to raise your servers limit and here information about Avada servers requirement.

For an added safety measure, it is suggested that you deactivate all plug-ins outside of Avada (except WPML if they are used) while the transition is in progress. Thus it is ensured that the migrating of your themes options is not hampered by a plug-in dispute. In case you get into difficulties during the migrations (e.g. the migrations are repeated indefinitely or are frozen), you can fix this with an FTP-address.

This deactivates all plug-ins and allows you to finish the migrations. SPECIFIC NOTICE specific notice for WPML users: if you are using WPML, you should be sure to update to the latest release of the plug-in to ensure completion of the migrations for all supported language versions. In an earlier WPML release, there was a clash that led to the fact that the migrating of themes to options got bogged down halfway.

It has been corrected in your plug-in so that using the latest release ensures that you are up to date. When your latest themes are Avada 4.0. then your next level in the update will be the latest Avada release. It includes the ability to convert your shortcuts from the old Avada Page builder to the new Fusion Builder launched in Avada 5.0.

Click here for information on what's new at Avada 5.0. If you are not sure what to do, please refer to the appropriate section above for your latest topic before continuing. And if you haven't read the Pre Update Tips section above, click here for this important information. PLEASE NOTE: Before editing this update, be sure to perform a full site and data base back up.

This ensures that you can return to a workpoint on your website if something unforeseen happens. Because the new Fusion builder uses different shortcuts, any shortcuts created by the Avada Page builder before Avada 5.0 will not represent items and will only be displayed as clear text.

There is an automatic converting procedure to update your contents to the new short code systax. Avada converts the following automatically: pages, blogs, portfolio, WooCommerce products contents and extracts, Widgets, theme choices, Fusion Sliders, Revolution Sliders and LayerSliders. Please note: No shortcuts from user-defined mail type that you may have, or from other user-defined mail type of the plug-in used on your website, are autoconverted.

To learn how to integrate these mail items into the Avada converting processes by hand, click here to read our guidelines. If, after the update, your Web site displays all shortcuts on the front end of the Web site, the migration may not be complete properly. Though it looks like a serious issue, it is usually only due to low perimeter servers that cause the upgrade to be cut off.

Failure to do so will cause the problem to be resolved, and you will need to verify again that the Fusion Builder plug-in is properly deployed and enabled. In case you have problems with the update and need extra help, please send a customer service request to our customer service team and we will review it as soon as possible.

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