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Display dashboard links user login element If you use the User Login item, after a user successfully logs in, the location changes and one of the displayed dashboard link is. At the moment I don't want my user to access the dashboard and already have a direct for those who might try. Your voice...

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Work with WordPress user profiles, roles, and profiles

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This is how you attach and remove links to your WordPress menus

When you create a website where people can sign in and become members, you need to make it easier for members to log in and out of your website. Adding login and unsubscribe link to the site's navigational menus is the simplest and most eye-catching place. The standard WordPress menus system, however, does not offer an ability to display certain hyperlinks when someone is signed in or signed out.

So, to include a login and login hyperlink in your list, you must either use user-defined coding or use a plug-in that provides this feature. The BAW login/logout menue plug-in is a favorite option if you are looking for a basic login/logout menue linkage plug-in. For login and login hyperlinks, the required outcome is that the login hyperlink is displayed to visitors and the login hyperlink is displayed to registered visitors.

So, when you are adding elements to your menus, these two pages already appear in the page listing. Just choose the login and unsubscribe pages, click the Append to Me buttons, and the two left clicks appear in the menus. In order to set up the shortcuts properly, you must choose "Logged out users" for the login shortcut and "Logged in users" for the login shortcut and then choose the user role that can see the shortcut.

As soon as you have done this, store the menus and you will have a login click displayed for visitors and a login click displayed for login visitors in the menus of your website.

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