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Avada debate | Reactive multi-purpose topic I' ve upgraded to the latest version and noticed that the topic is calling the following script: https://website.com/? action=avada-get-styles&mq=mi...

... I' d like to buy this subject. Could it be possible with this topic? Hello, you can select any demonstration of the topic. But we can only ever get one demonstration at a stretch.

Whilst we can easily customize each page from different demos, the page style depends on the demos you use. If I buy the themes, do I have to tell you which config I want to use? That' s not the case until I update to the latest version. Have you got a demonstration with a simple download plug-in?

In this case, all you need to do is go to Avada > Topic Options > Portfolio > Portfolio > Portfolio Slug and modify it from there, make sure you also re-create your permanent links, if the problem persists, open a backup pass with our staff. That'?s a great subject.

Got a query about how to play back wallpapers (hosted by myself) in the Fusionlider. Actual function of the slide control is to show a thumbnail picture on the phone instead of watching the film. I am looking for a way to overwrite the standard Fusion sliders feature and view the movie on my phone as this restriction is no longer required.

Hello, the WP updater thinks we're up to date and 4.0.2 is up. It is not possible to upgrade to 5.0 as suggested in your document. What do we do to get the automatic updates up and running? How do we do that? I prefer not to upgrade via either etp or other hand held processes as it seems like a very laborious multi point error processing procedure.

The Wordpress application still does not display an available Avada 4.0.2 fix. It is not in our interest to be charged $42 to expand our technical assistance because your topic is not automatically updated. Licence contains upgrades, but you do not offer a upgrade without spending more time. I would like to ask you to give me instructions on how / where I can go to the free upgrade.

I have a problem with Avada Voocommerce site that I don't really know how to use. If I go to the shop page and e.g. go to the 4th page and choose a specific item, switching from the individual item display changes the items displayed on the 4th page before I go to a specific item display.

Please, we have to verify this in detail and for this you have to open a supported tickets with our staff, please, we are only able to offer supported services to certified customers. If you have any question, we can help you, just register in our customer service centre and we' ll send you a new message.

I' m in the process of deploying the "Freelancer" demonstration to include a Fusion Designer wallpaper that currently has "Art Director" on it, but I don't see any way to include an artwork in the slide control option. There' s no need for this, unless your hoster is preventing the download of certain data, please make sure that this is not the case after consulting your hoster, but if the problem persists open a backup pass and our staff will definitely help you.

Hi, this topic does not concern me, how can I get a refund? How can I get a full refund? How can I get a full one? It'?s just a memo on your fundraiser demonstration. I' ve removed everything on the title page, in the contents area and also the top slide. I' ve found that the Avada Facebook Page Plugin on Safari no longer works properly.

Please contact our technical staff to verify that this has been verified for you.

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