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The Avada contains the popular Revolution Slider. The addition of a video as a featured image for each post for your blog is pretty easy. Videogallery - Avada Completely reactive with an intuitively designed user surface that makes it simple to create nice motion faders. A fully reactive slide bar makes your contents look great across all display screens. Regardless of your monitor display height or your equipment height, this slide bar will look amazing.

Absolutely no worries, the revolutionary slide provides a wide range of different specials. The Revolutionlider gives you full power over the dimensions of your slide, taking full command.

Revolutionlider has everything from width and hight to full width or full frame. Every slide control creates a short code that you can use to place it anywhere on the page or in the contribution. What makes you think you can go with Avada?

Medias - Avada

You can use several built-in shortcuts to organize your Avada assets. Video from Youtube and Vimeo can be used anywhere on the site and is fully reactive. Pictures and video can be opened in a light box, and you can use the sound cloud for all your music. This is all readily accessible via the built-in shortcuts.

SoundCloud needs your consent to be uploaded for data protection purposes. Any number of 1-6 column can be inserted with any Avada, WordPress, or third-party plugin that comes with the software. It' perfectly suited to place extra information on your website.

Add ing a video as a featured picture on a posting

Adding a video - etc. The addition of a video as a featureured for every posting to your blogs is a great way to show your readership the information instantly. Watch this video to see that the installation or editing is very easy if you like, and is available for most WordPress themes.

We' ll show you how to add a video as a poste feature with the Avada themes that we use in almost all of our customers' webdesign. The addition of a video as feature posted posts makes the video available to be played directly from the blog posts page.

When you use the Raster Layouts checkbox, your video is displayed as a feature enhanced file instead of the picture itself. Extremely clever innovation from the Avada team. Learn more here or click on the Avada picture below. Associated training videos:

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