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Video Avada Background

The YouTube background video is not automatically played in the Container or Fusion Slider. All will be ok until you select auto playback, then it will not be played automatically. When using Fusion Builder to playback YouTube video as background, muting must be turned on for auto playback to work, but then you can't see the video here. I' m making it even better for you..

. I have a Fusion Slider YouTube video with the slideshow setting "Autoplay Video - Yes", "Mute Video - Yes", and "Hide Video Controls - Yes" and the video will not automatically playback.

Same thing I tried on a Vimeo video. Same score. Now I have just generated a backup tickets and was asked to change the option "Mute Video" to "yes", which it already is. Answering to the Suport ticker I said that this is not the problem, and so far I haven't listened back to anything.

Video must be silent to play automatically. The reason for this is changes in the browser that are preventing automatic playback of video with audio. Make sure you have enabled the required Application Programming Interface (API) under Topic Options > Advanced (Vimeo/YouTube). This particular bug that you are referring to in @litkai seems most likely to be a time problem due to an older themes release or additional caaching.

OK, so I began with the Avada Law topic, and I want to convert the video to a video on Yootube....... but it doesn't play automatically. Ensure that your YourTube and Vimeo API script is turned On in the Topic Option. They can be found in the Dashboard under Avada > Topic Option > Advance > Topic Feature.

User-defined backgrounds - Avada

With Avada, you can load user-defined background files in several different areas. Headline wallpapers, page contents wallpapers, outside box background, bottom line wallpapers, full-width short code wallpapers, page heading toolbar wallpapers, slider and more. Any of these wallpapers can be submitted on a global basis for each page, or you can choose a different picture per page or contribution!

Choose from a variety of picture choices that allow you to use 100% picture sizes, repetition choices, and more.

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