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Videogallery - Avada Fully reactive and adaptable to any display format, Avada is unbelievably versatile. We' ve integrated a back-end colour selector for infinite colour choices. Each of the items can be modified, even the fantastic CSS3 gradient. Option levels are highly customizable and offer an unprecedented degree of flexibility due to our extended option set up.

Video in the lightbox

Our lighting box is known as iLightbox and is Youtube and Vimeo video compliant. It is also possible to have an picture on your page that opens when you click in a light box in a video. In order to get them displayed in the right sizes, the right URL must be used in the Video URL Box area.

See below for information on where this is possible and how to do it correctly. Box in the Fusion Page Options that allows you to load a video in a text editing program. - To launch a YouTube or Vimeo video in a lightbox, use the button element.

  • A picture pasted on a page can open in a light box to display a video or another picture. 1 - Open the mail to which you want to attach a video or make a new one. Stage 2 - In the fusion page options, search for the'Youtube/Vimeo Video URL für Lightbox' box and insert the video's linking URL. Your video's linking URL should be the same as the video's linking URL.

Stage 3 - When you are done making changes, click Save Design or Publish/Update Design. Make sure to use the anchor url ( https://vimeo.com/63534746) and not the embedding irl ( http://player.vimeo.com/video/63534746). Stage 1 - Use the Fusion Builder to insert the lightbox item into your page. 2 - Choose "Video" as Content Type for your Lightbox item.

Stage 3 - Now paste the full address of your Vimeo or YouTube video into the Video Address text box. 4 - Choose a preview that starts the video when you click it. A YouTube or Vimeo video can also be started in a lightweight box via the Fusion Builder button.

1 - Open the page or review to which you want to attach a video or new one. Stage 2 - Click the Media Ad Media icon at the top of the page editors top menu, just below the Fusion Builder icon. 3 - Click the Insert from address bar shortcut on the top right of the page and insert your video's address bar into the address bar.

Stage 4 - After you have added the hyperlink to your website, click the Place to Post icon in the bottom right hand corner. Stage 5 - After you have added the video, you need to rel= "iLightbox" to the links tags. For an example, please see the picture on the right. 1 - Go to the Avada Tab > Topic Option.

2 - Go to the Lightbox page and find the Slideshow Video Width and Slide Show Video Width and Slide Show Light option. Specify the width and hight of your video by typing a value in the appropriate box. Like 1280px for the width and 720px for the heigth. Is my Youtube or Vimeo video too big?

The problem is that you are using the embedded url instead of the hyperlink url.

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