Avada vs X Theme

Avanada vs. X Theme

However, if you are planning to create a website with room to grow, a multi-purpose theme is a good choice. While Avada is the best-selling theme, X is the second most popular best-selling theme. To learn more about these professional premium WordPress topics, read our Avada vs X Theme Report.

Theme vs. Avada: specialist analysis

We are not here this year to discuss some special topics: It is Riese against Riese. With two of the best-selling ThemeForest articles of all times, as well as top-quality WordPress topics that will ever live on this earth, Avada and X Theme compete for your webs. We have never had such a strong consensus in the WP Theme Comparison history: both topics are so well constructed, well crafted, and well backed (and their users' scores only differ by 0.02!) that you really have to find out the difference with a loupe.

Both Avada and X Theme aspire to be the "ultimate WordPress theme" - being able to handle any kind of website and every kind of styling you could wish for. Principal features of this feature are theme option or adjustment setting that allows you to change the colour, resize, and other characteristics of website items, as well as a Contents builder, a powerful graphical utility that allows you to create sophisticated page layout from pre-coded and pre-defined function items such as text, pictures, button, and more.

Each design contains an immense number of preferences in its user-defined option, and each uses its own separate component, known as the Contentbuilder: Merger for Avada and foundation stone for X Theme. Firstly, it provides a larger selection of components, 55 in comparison to 42 for the foundation stone. And as if that weren't enough, both Avada and X Theme continue with the introduction of one-click demonstrations and stages.

One click demonstrations are complete website layouts that are pre-built by the theme writers and focus on a particular market segment such as businesses, agencies or non-profit organizations. When it comes to demonstrations, Avada is much more versatile and offers 27 for its visitors. The X Theme currently only has 12, but they add new ones every now and then, so the theme may move in the near term.

However, the makers of the X-theme have another ass up their sleeves: the so-called sticks, or prefabricated optical system, which actually means that you get 4 instead of one theme. Every pile has its own unmistakable styling, while at the same time pursuing the overall goal of the theme of simplicity, clearness and minimumism.

Whilst Avada is in theory also able to create different pictorial style, this involves changing several theme options, while X Theme provides this feature with a click. A look at the features shows that Avada is still a more versatile franchise, while X Theme does everything to make it as easy to use as possible.

X Theme is an undisputed leader in this area: most of the same functionality for $39, a 35% improvement over Avada, which is $60. Ultimately, it all comes down to your needs and tastes, but here's what's important: if you want a high end website quickly and at a minimal cost - choose X Theme.

When you want as many choices and functions as possible, and appreciate a consistent system of designs, Avada is for you.

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