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Add widgets to widgets

The Avada contains a broad range of user-defined widgets in additional to the standard widgets offered by WordPress. You can find all widgets on the Appearance > Widgets page in your WordPress administration area. A number of different adjustment choices and boxes exist for each and every one of the widgets, all of which are self-explanatory. Now you can insert as many widgets as you want into a single area.

See below for information on how to use widgets in specific widgets areas. You must build your widgets before you can insert widgets into widgets areas. For more information on how to build widgets areas, please see our Creating widgets areas articles here. As soon as this is done, you can apply widgets.

Every Widget has its own custom settings that you can adjust once you have assigned it to a widget area. 1 - Browse to the Appearance> Widgets page to view the widgets and widgets lists. All the widgets you can use are shown on the right. On the right side you can see all the different widgets to which you can attach widgets.

2 - Just use Drag & Drops to move the Widget you want to insert to the desired area on the right. Stage 3 - To reorder widgets in a range, just Drag & Drops the widgets into the desired order. Stage 4 - When you are done, make sure you click the "Save" icon in the Widget edit field to do this.

Widget range element

The Avada contains 5 widget-ready areas of the topic, i.e. you can view widgets. Of these, one is the widget area item. The addition of this item to any area on your page or posting will result in a customized Widget Area in which you can map any of the widgets. You must first build a Widget Panel before you can use the Wide Area item.

Press the Bottom of the screen to see how to set up a Widget Area. 1 - Add a new page or posting, or modify an already created page. Stage 2 - Insert a container and choose the required columns format. 3 - Click on the "+ Element" section to open the Elements pane.

Find the Wide Range item and click it to open the option pane. 4 - Choose the Widget Area you want to view from the Wide Area Name drop-down list below. 5 - When finished, click "Save".

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