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WordPress Avada Topic Reviews - Is it really quick? The results and our recommendation for optimum adjustments will be published to maximise the benefit of both our solutions. It' the first test in the line, and we chose to try Avada, the number one sales topic on ThemeForest. We' ve chosen to test several pages/posts with the Avada themes enabled, along with the recommended/installed plug-ins with the native import demonstration contents.

It is much more important to concentrate on the page load speed and not on the level of perfomance - no matter what tools you use (PageSpeed, GTMetrix, Pingdom etc.). Next I went to the Advanced tab and enabled the CSS and JS in the option: However, you can compel the minimizer to just generate one filename by enabling this checkbox.

Dependent on your web site settings, topics, and plug-ins, these settings may cause problems viewing your web site. Should you have any problems, just disable these settings! As you can see, the efficiency is higher, but the charging speed is lower! I then disabled the LazyLoad function in the basic option (as this generates more queries even though they are 0 byte long) and here's the result:

Levels of perfomance are still higher, but the side is still lower than the initial score. Next was to enable all options - LazyLoad, CSS and JS Minification. While the purpose of this article is to analyse and present how these two strong products work, we have chosen to give our opinions about Avada, so here are the advantages and disadvantages of using it.

There are many different Avada features that can help you choose almost any item you can think of to be added to your website without any programming skills. Though I have cited the versatility of Avada as a good characteristic, in some cases it can be quite a pain to work with this kind of subject.

In the end, if you want to make a basic blogs or small web sites you will not use most of the functions Avada provides, so it might be exaggerated to use them. That number of functions and choices can take you through an infinite website construction time. Once you have created a website and decided to try all the functions Avada has to offer, you can get bogged down and throw in unnecessary items or even never finish the work.

Building on my past experiences, this type of premier subject requires robust and good server, so selecting a good hoster would definitely be a good option if you choose Avada. The results I get in this test and the easy handling of this topic made me think it was a really useful WordPress templat.

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