Avada Zip Download

Zip Avada Download

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This is how to refresh my Wordpress topic (Avada) with the zip archives

Hi, Here are a few easy stages to upgrade the design with its zip for you. See if you have changed the current design for any reasons. When you' ve used Kind Theme[1] to change it, you' re ready to go. Otherwise, you must be able to pinpoint the changes you made directly to the topic. You can connect to your web site via FTP/SFTP and download your design to your computer.

Your topic file is located in the `wp-content/themes/` folder. Find out more about the WordPress file format. It is recommended that users check the current design they have to download against the latest file (the Zip file that contains the updates) and copy the changes to their new design file. However, I suggest that you check the current design you' re downloading (one with your changes) against the originals of the current design (the other before you apply your changes) and then move the changes to a kid design.

It will make your updating process all the way down the line much simpler. Login to your WordPress Admin[3] and browse to `Appearance -> Themes` and change to another/default theme[4] like Twenty Sixteen. Next, you need to remove the old copy of the topic you want to update. You can now click the "Add new" icon on the administrator's "Appearance -> Topics" page and then click the "Upload topic" icon.

Here you can download the ZIP-files. If you have changed the changes you identify in step[6] directly in the ZIP files you are uploading, you can simply click'Activate' to enable your design. If you have added a children's topic in step[7], you must also post this children's topic and only enable the children's topic.

Now you have upgraded your WordPress topic without loosing any changes.

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