Award Winning Portfolio Websites

Winning Portfolio Websites

The CRUX receives the award for its commitment to a concept. We have worked with amazing companies and government agencies from redesigning websites to launching iOS, Android and web applications. Award-winning portfolio: Website, Mobile App and Web App Design & Development

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Twenty-four award-winning portfolio designs that keep pace with the latest trends.

Recent tendencies that have really transformed the whole website designing process in recent years seem to be going strong, at least for next year. We' ve seen the emergence of trend such as vertically scrollable, slim designs, behind the scenes or minimally colored patterns, slide shows that include motion graphics or videos, and of course fast response or portable initial designs.

Recently we have seen transparence and long shadow moving towards web designing. This round of award-winning portfolio styling shows how these tendencies have made a big influence and distinction on the skewed styles of a few years ago and the bustling, shiny styles that were loved not so long ago.

Steadily increasing use of portable equipment is driving designs in a way that is really imposed on them. It is now their task to bring as much creative power as possible into these somewhat inhibiting tendencies. The portfolio takes into account many of the latest trend and that is seamless.

There' a grid-based page design on the land page, a click on the Work button will take you to a horizontal scroll bar, and the About page is very neat and minimalistic. There are many good reason why this portfolio received the Site of the Day award. All in all a well thought out homepage, which is created with a minimum and intelligent colour schemes of blacks, whites and reds.

It is a one-sided, vertically scrollable portfolio. The portfolio itself is presented in a black-and-white grid-based design as you move down, and the bottom of the page is followed by the designer's leg and foot details, giving the overall feeling of having his one-page website up!

The portfolio site has some pretty scroll able vertically effect and contains a rasterized triangle shaped page lay-out. This homepage has some great scroll vertically and has a pleasing slim look. It' not a reactive site, but there is a portable one. Fixate homepage designs have the wow factors in abundance!

Lines draw on the target page, and if you scrolled the page down, there are more lines draw, a thin serifless typeface suits the subject perfectly, and although it's very busy, it still seems pretty tiny. Absolutely shallow and absolutely fast. Well, it really deserves the award for place of the day.

It is an infinitely scrollable page. It' s shallow in shape and fast reacting. She has a grid-based lay-out for her work presentation and is a very well structured portfolio. Whilst you move down, the styling is very small and slender. Once you rescroll, the slide show will return to its initial screen area.

Nicely presented and creative portfolio. Another page of vertically scrollable images with some animation on the page, although the transition is not quite slick. Whilst you browse down, the theme is once again shallow and contains some grid-based presentation. The portfolio is fully reactive. Teamgeek' portfolio is a storefront for everything currently in vogue: vertically scrollable, slim designs, retro/pastel colour designs, minimum raster-based layouts, but not reactive, although there is a portable edition of the site.

The portfolio is in turn a vertically browsing website. There is a slide show on the page and as you move down there are large blocs of vintage colours presented in a slim look. Unreachable, but there is a portable one. It is a parallel axis page where the top part of the image stays in place and the bottom part travels up and above.

An entirely different look and a fresh diversion from the latest trend! However, the website is fully reactive. A further page that integrates many of the latest trend features such as vertically scrollable, grid-based layouts, slim - but not reactive - designs, and is not available for portable devices, just PCs or tablets.

The portfolio is presented as a set of adventures - a great way to see your work! It combines slim styling with transparent appearance. The website is fast reacting. For this website redesign, each page has a kind of grid-based lay-out, and the page is mainly displayed in a monochrome colour diagram.

The site is really a window on the latest trend... shallow styling, vertically scrollable, fully reactive grid-based layouts, large monochrome pads... what else could a theme need? Very well structured portfolio and very dignified for the Site of the Day award. Though there are some photos, the overall look is generally slim and fully reactive.

Sorry, this page is not available, but there is a portable one. It is a scroll page of parallaxes, the picture of the artist and his biography is preserved as the circle continues to move with the presented work. Lean styling, quite small and fast reacting. Featuring a raster-based lay-out, large typeface, and slim styling, this portfolio site is designed to be a great place to be.

It'?s also fully reactive. This is another page that contains some of the latest web page designer trends: vertically scrollable, slim designed, large colour pads, raster-based layouts - but not reactive and no portable versions of this page. It is a vertically scrollable page. While you are browsing down, the remainder of the site is a grid-based page spacing.

Low-profile styling, but not fast reacting, but with a portable website edition. We' ve seen these tendencies in recent years, some have been around for some years, others are brand new and may not live up to the test of our age. In fact, creativeness is becoming increasingly challenging to incorporate into website designs as the need for fast responsiveness and slim designs grows.

We can see from some of the above mentioned cases that the response designs were ignored in favour of the necessary presentations. However, most have a portable copy of their pages, but if you want to keep it simple with portable first or response designs, some creative art must be left behind.

You think the shallow and reactive trend will remain here? Let us know what you think about web site designers in the comment box below.

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