Awesome Design Portfolios

Fantastic design portfolios

Tokyo-based web and UX designer Kuon Yagi has a killer portfolio full of animations and vibrant colors. On so many websites, creating a unique design is not always easy. 80 inspiring design portfolios to increase your creativeness A few exceptional artists were involved in these endeavours. While some are stunning, others are uncommon, and a fistful have a touch of humour in their design, these 80 unbelievable design portfolios collected from all over the web show the unexplained talent and engineering abilities of these stunning creators. Not only does the range show the noteworthy talent available for rent, it is also there to inspire non-believers and inspire people.

In the first drafts a great deal of patience and energy is put into putting these drafts into practice. Hopefully this line will help you get inspired to drive your own design forward and come to live. Many sites were awarded prizes as a sign that the investment was well-designed.

Have you any idea how to build your own webtfolio?

Design portfolios that are twice as good as fantastic user interfaces.

However, for design professionals, an on-line design repository is not only an occasion to present their work to date - it is also an occasion to present their capabilities. No matter if you are a graphics or UX artist, you don't want to miss the chances to amaze a prospective chief executive or customer when they come to your website.

Whether you like them or not, here are some of the most distinctive portfolios on the market. The first time you visit the Nick Jones website, a free-lance designer's website, it looks pretty normal: a delicate grey design backdrop, with his name in fat top. Apparently the design has even made some folks dizzy (and insulted others), so Jones now provides an "accessible" one.

Why not also use one as your own site? Carly Ayres did this and listed her work, contacts and past and present project in a single document. HAWRAF, a design office in which Ayres is a proud and respected affiliate, also has a very nice website. However, as you sleep through the site, your stylus will help you explore other subtile interactivity as well.

Painting becomes a practical surface feature that empowers individuals to truly discover the company's location. Shantell Martin's private portfoliosite shows a picture of her against an background of line art. If you move your cursor, the sketches come to live. Scrolling down you will see her with a stylus in her hands - the dance sketches are all her works, an interactivity of who she is as an performer.

The Melanie DaVeid website is a distinctive pictorial expression of her creative UX design. When you are a more relaxed user, subtile but coherent surface features begin to appear - especially the bright colour of the corals and the hexagonal that begins to appear throughout the site. "High-five," in a similar stylistic manner to her own private logotype.

This website is a great example of how a design engineer develops a coherent set of UI element languages to help you research your design approaches. How about portfolios that need to be creative and emphasize works that are mainly print? Jérémy Vitté, artistic manager and graphics artist, has a smart one. Its website uses scroll to show its extensive range of journal cover and spread products.

It' s almost physically based on the background, giving the website visitor a more palpable impression of Vitté's work. Probably the most attractive of these pages is by the illustrated Timo Becker. He has a cover page of his own private asset management site that just shows a blank page with seven strategic points near the middle.

No matter whether you think that these portfolios serve as evidence of their author's creative power or distract them, they are undoubtedly eye-catching.

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