Awesome Themes for Android

Fantastic themes for Android

There is also a fantastic, easily accessible night mode option directly in the Quick Settings. It is also possible to choose a different route and design your device. Donner Thema - Cooler Laser ThunderTheme - Cooler is a free design specifically developed for CM Launcher operators, featuring tens of uniform symbols and artwork background images that can customize your machine with ease. The DIY Themes feature allows you to become a DIY design and turns your creativity into something special right on your mobile screen!

According to your own photo themes or our nice background pictures and soft symbols you can divide your work of arts with your buddies and give it to them or present it to us. Instructions on how to use the topic: 1. downloading and installing the topic; 2. installing the most secure CM Launcher; 3. starting CM Launcher and then you can use the topic you just have downloaded.

You can also go directly to "Beautify--Mine" if you already have CM Launcher on your mobile, to open the topic and use it on your mobile or send us an e-mail directly:

Three small increments to make your Huawei cell great.

The other day in January, I decide to quit the iPhone for an Android cell. It' really a great gadget, but the EMUI is really nasty. The EMUI (Emotion UI) is the Huawei personalisation of Android. Luckily, the EMUI has some advantages, one of which is that it is supportive of issues. Android' s Look & Feel, so I searched for some themes that could imitate it.

Again I had to do some research, but in the end I found some great topics in the Google Play Store. Currently I use App_Labs G-Pix[Android P] EMUI 8/5 THEEME with the Hamzio7 Pure AOSP EMUI 5.X/8.0 themes. Subjects are really good for improving the system interface, but they can't do much for the floor-launcher, so the better choice is to get a third-party installation and Nova Intro from TeslaCoil Software, in my view, is still the better choice.

After installing it, I have optimized some features according to my tastes. First, I checked the Rearrange Legacy Ideas checkbox, so that the launchers will rearrange or give a wallpaper to any icon that doesn't fit my preferred form (I selected round icon like the pixel phones).

Find this under Nova Settings -> Look & Fill -> Adaptive Icon Style. I then added Google Query Pill to the wallpaper, you can also place the Query Toolbar under the screen as you would in a pixel telephone, but I like the Pill better. Now you can start playing with these settings in Nova Settings -> desktop -> style tool.

Also, I adjusted many other parameter (symbol sizes and captions, tray backgrounds, etc.) to make the launchers appear exactly as I wanted them to. Nova Launcherééé is very adaptable, so I urge you to use it. Save your preferences so that you can revert to the old setup if you don't like what you did during the experiment.

EMUI floor launchers support the Google Now built-in page, Nova launchers do not. In order to use this function, you must have Nova Google Companion enabled. As soon as you have the software up and running, you can change its preferences under Nova Settings -> Integrations. Your Huawei cell really is fantastic now!

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