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During the second stage of the vote, the place of the month shall be used. The Site of the Month winner enters the last evaluation stage of the competition: These awards are presented at the Awwwwards Awards Meeting and the Awards Presentation. The members of the Awwwwards jury evaluate the nominated entries according to four different criteria: style, creative, usability as well as contents.

A highscoring site can gain various kinds of accolades. Websites will compete for the location of the day for three month from the date of entry. The best rated locations are the ones that will be voted location of the day. The location of the year is determined by the Awwwwards panel of judges from the twelve locations of the month and a further three nominated locations from the locations of the day determined by the Awwwards group.

Chosen by the developers panel from the developers who won the award. Chosen by all Awwwwards members who voted for their favourite site this year. Prizes are awarded at the first Awwwwards annual meeting. Among Auszeichnungen gehören Site of the Year, Developer of the Year, Agency of the Year, Independent Designers of the Year et Unabhängendent Creative Developer of the Year.

The agency of the year wins Hello Monday, Watson/DG and Resn.

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