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Caleb D chose a winning design in their Wordpress Theme Design Contest. Caleb D is the winner of the Wordpress Theme Design Contest. Thirteen Wonderful B2B E-Commerce Store Designs[Examples] According to analyst predictions, by 2020 B2B e-commerce revenues will exceed $6.7 trillion globally. By 2014, US B2B e-commerce alone had already achieved sales of over USD 5 trillion.

This is because it is difficult for on-line retailers to get on-line, especially if they have e-commerce requirements. Now, your B2B e-commerce stategy needs a strong emphasis on:

These 13 pages will show you how to make the right move to build a best of the best B2B e-commerce site for you. Here is a stroll through the process of setting up an e-commerce website for B2B that does everything you need, most of what you want and everything at a sensible price.

Offering a variety of navigational styles, add-ons and choices, graduated discounts, and detailed information on products, we're ready to go. Our new Head of Sales and Marketing launched Safety Supplies Canada in November 2015 and immediately worked on a complete redesign of the website.

Corresponding to the new market appearance of the company, the website was revised and newly designed. Below are out-of-the-box topics that you can use to get going today. Cleaner, more modern designs with a green approach to underscore the brand's dedication to green product.

Although it is a B2B enterprise that sells manufactured goods, the designs are friendlier and more colourful than gloomy and gloomy like many rivals. User-defined home page provides fast and easy accessibility to key types of merchandise via graphical symbols, banner page contents, and bestseller, new and top rating merchandise via interchangeable widgets. Categorie labels offer information about the needs for each major brand and help with the change.

User-defined tabbed pages on the produce page show everything from video to produce specification. QLinks at the top of the detailed page offer simple entry to subfoldered ( or cell phone scrollable ) tab pages and other similar branded items. The attractive styling allows buyers to buy without difficulty from any machine, whether on the go or in the field.

You can find our comprehensive "How To" blog on many categories and products pages and our answers to many customer queries before making a choice. Our website was created for UX, which makes navigation easier with an elegant look. December 2016 we have rearranged our shop with a template theme and customized developments.

The overall look of our products stays simple, clear and shows our clients the most important detail they need to make the right purchase decision.

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